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Year 2013-2014
Date Presenter Topic
12 Aug 2014 Prof. Cynthia Lee *(Northeastern University, USA) Can Cooperating with Competitors Benefit Innovation?
29 July 2014 Prof. Cynthia Lee *(Northeastern University, USA) My Continuous Journey on Job Insecurity Research
25 June 2014 Dr David Mayer *(University of Michigan, USA) Navigating a Meaningful Career as a Management Professor
12 June 2014 Dr Ingrid Fulmer *(Rutgers University, USA) Publishing in Academy of Management Review: Learnings as an Author, Reviewer, and Associate Editor
9 June 2014 Dr Ingrid Fulmer *(Rutgers University, USA) Which Pay Gaps Matter Most? Effects of CEO-TMT, CEO-Employee, and Salaried-Hourly Employee Pay Level Differences on Employee Outcomes
28 May 2014 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Well-being across our life-span
30 April 2014 Prof. Filippo Carlo Wezel *(University of Lugano, Switzerland) Fitting in or standing out? The role of collective expectations for firm innovation and performance
29 April 2014 Dr Chi-nien Chung *(National University of Singapore) Ties to Unbind: Political Ties and Firm Sell-offs during Institutional Transition
23 April 2014 Prof. Filippo Carlo Wezel *(University of Lugano, Switzerland) Being There: Patent Class Contrast and the Impact of Technological Innovations
11 April 2014 Dr Yingqin Zheng *(Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) From Collective Action to Rhizomatic Movements: Exploring Digital Activism in China
7 April 2014 Dr Minchung Kim Political Connection and Firm Value: A Marketing Perspective
24 March 2014 Prof. Carolyn P. Egri *(Simon Fraser University, Canada) Navigating towards Successful Research Grant Proposals
17 March 2014 Prof. Leigh M. McAlister *(University of Texas at Austin, USA) Value-enhancing Roles for Senior Marketing Executives: Increase Analyst Following and Reduce Myopic Decisions
14 March 2014 Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh *(University of Arkansas, USA) Digital Divide in India
24 Feb 2014 Prof. Carolyn P. Egri *(Simon Fraser University, Canada) Are Societal Values Embedded in Organizational Culture Orientations?
24 Feb 2014 Dr Israr Qureshi Videos in the Choupal: Technological Affordances and Knowledge Transfer among Rural Indian Farmers
19 Feb 2014 Prof. Anat Rafaeli *(Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) Workshop on Lesson in Revise and Resubmit (R&R): the Dos and Don’ts
27 Jan 2014 Dr Flora Gu Managing Incentives in a Distribution Network
13 Jan 2014 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Beyond Hofstede: Moving our Research in Management Further, Wider and Deeper
25 Nov 2013 Dr Robert Wright & Dr Mac Mak Using Oppositional Analysis Grounded in Personal Construct Theory to Elicit Strategic Tensions and Dualities
21 Nov 2013 Dr Xueyong Zhan Heterogeneous Stakeholder Pressures and Corporate Green Practices: Evidence from China
11 Nov 2013 Dr Israr Qureshi Role of Information Technology in Transfer of Agri-practices: Interaction of Technological and Social Affordances
4 Nov 2013 Prof. Soonhong Min *(Yonsei University, Korea) Managing Supply Chain Knowledge Sharing and Intrafirm Knowledge Maintenance: The Buying Firm’s Perspective
28 Oct 2013 Dr Weiting Zheng The Relationship between CEO Political Ties and Firm Performance: A Corporate Governance Perspective
25 Oct 2013 Prof. Arie Lewin *(Duke University, USA) Some Insights for Launching a Successful Academic Career
23 Oct 2013 Prof. Quinetta Roberson *(Villanova University, USA) Navigating the Publication Process: An Associate Editor Perspective
21 Oct 2013 Prof. Quinetta Roberson *(Villanova University, USA) Exploring Compositional Forms of Justice Climate Emergence in Self-Managing Teams
7 Oct 2013 Prof. Namwoon Kim Competitive Imitation Strategy for New Product-Market Success
30 Sept 2013 Prof. Xu Huang When Upward Voicing Becomes Upward Nagging
23 Sept 2013 Dr TANG Yi Pride as a Double-Edged Sword: Effects of CEO Hubris on Firm Market Exploration and Exploitation
16 Sept 2013 Dr Ivy Yang Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Firm Productivity: The Effects of Regional Boundaries and State Ownership