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PhD Graduates Placement
Graduation Year Name Thesis Title Placement Location
2016 OUYANG Kan, Kathryn How Can I Maintain Proactivity? Examining Proactive Behavior Based on a Self-regulatory Resource Perspective Human Resource Management, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
2012 CHAU Chung Kei, Dorothy IT Governance and Agility: Organizational Information Processing Perspective The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2012 KONG Hao, Kaylee Innovation-oriented Leadership, Contingencies and Outcomes in the Multiple Stages of Innovation Process Heng Seng Business College, Hong Kong
2012 XU Hanhua, Erica How Am I Supposed to Live without You: An Investigation of Antecedents and Consequences of Workplace Ostracism Hong Kong Baptist University
2012 YE Haobin, Ben An Integrative Framework of Customers' Perceived Discrimination and Its Impact: An Empirical Study of Tourists in Hong Kong Sun Yat-sen University, China
2012 ZHANG Hui, Vivienne Medical Savings Account Balance and Outpatient Utilization: A Multivariate Analysis on the Impact of the Medical Savings Sun Yat-sen University, China
2010 LAM Ka Fung, Catherine Interpersonal Relationships, Emotions, and Harming: the Role of Cooperative Goals City University of Hong Kong
2010 LI Xixi, Cici A Motivational Perspective on Post-Acceptance IS Usage Behaviors Tsinghua University, China
2010 WONG Hiu Kan, Ada Do Relationships with Multinational Buyers Improve the Marketing Capabilities of Suppliers in Transition Economies? Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Last updated date: 10 January 2014