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Year 2010-2011

Year 2010 - 2011

Date Presenter Topic
29 July 2011 Prof. Sharon Parker *(The University of Western Australia) Quasi-Experiments and the Journal of Applied Psychology
28 July 2011 Prof. Sharon Parker *(The University of Western Australia) Taking Charge: Promoting Proactive Action in the Work Place
12 July 2011 Mr Chak Fu Lam *(University of Michigan, USA) Who Speaks Up for their Customers? A Model of Proactivity in a Service Context
27 June 2011 Dr Chris Marquis *(Harvard University, USA) Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in China: Symbol or Substance?
30 May 2011 Dr Wouter Stam *(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Alliance Network Diversity, Entrepreneurial Team Resources, and New Venture Innovativeness
16 May 2011 Dr Baomin Dong Retail Power, Slotting Allowances, and the Countervailing Power Hypothesis
18 April 2011 Prof. Eric Ngai A Novel Intelligent Context-aware Decision Support System for Real-time Monitoring of Container Terminal Operations
11 April 2011 Dr Yi TANG The Prince and the Pauper: How Status Differences Affect Corporate Acquisitions
4 April 2011 Ms Rikki Nouri *(Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) Is Creativity Universal or Culture Specific?
28 Mar 2011 Dr Joy He Wiki-Induced Cognitive Elaboration: Its Antecedents and Consequence in Project Team Context
21 Mar 2011 Dr Ivy Yang Innovation Search and Replenishing Technological Portfolio
14 Mar 2011 Prof. Xu Huang The Effect of Team Burnout on Individual Performance and Job
Satisfaction: Do Self-motivating Resources Counteract Resource
Threats from the Work Context?
7 Mar 2011 Prof. Denise Rousseau * (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) I-deals Employees Bargain for Themselves: Flexibility, Fairness, and HR Practice Innovation
28 Feb 2011 Prof. Cindy Chung * (Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany) Motivations for and Valence of Recycled Word-of-Mouth
25 Feb 2011 Prof. Neal Schmitt * (Michigan State University, USA)

Validation, Meta-analyses and the Scientific Status of Personnel Selection

21 Feb 2011 Prof. Neal Schmitt * (Michigan State University, USA)

Validation, Meta-analyses and the Scientific Status of Personnel Selection

14 Feb 2011 Prof. Evert Van de Vliert
* (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

Origins of Organizing

24 Jan 2011 Dr Israr Qureshi Social Intermediation in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets
17 Jan 2011 Dr Sungwook Min * (California State University, Long Beach, USA) Understanding New Business Model Addition and Incumbent Performance Change
11 Jan 2011 Prof. Peter Hom * (Arizona State University, USA) Reviewing Employee Turnover: Focusing on Proximal Psychological States and an Expanded Criterion
7 Jan 2011 Prof. Peter Hom * (Arizona State University, USA) Contemporary Approaches to Analyzing Panel Data
5 Jan 2011 Dr Frank Yu City * (University of Hong Kong)

Apology and Accountability: A Systemic Examination of
Organizations' Image Restoration Strategies

16 Dec 2010 Dr Zhaoli Song * (National University of Singapore) DNA and Job Satisfaction:Three Molecular Genetic Studies
Based on US and Singapore Samples
7 Dec 2010 Dr Chung Chi-nien * (National University of Singapore) Leadership Succession and Firm Performance in Emerging
Economies: Successor Origin, Structural Embeddedness, and Legitimacy
30 Nov 2010 Dr NI Na The ‘Liability of Foreignness’ Associated with Activist Groups
24 Nov 2010 Prof. Jialin Xie * (University of Toronto, Canada) Why and How to Integrate Non-Self-Reported Data in
Organizational Behavior Research
23 Nov 2010 Prof. Phil Taylor * (University of Strathclyde, UK) From Boom to Where? The Globalization of Business Services
in the Aftermath of Financial Crisis and Recession
16 Nov 2010 Dr James Diefendorff * (University of Akron, USA) The Role of Feeling-Display Rule Discrepancies in Emotional Labor
Processes: An Event-Level Investigation in a Chinese Call Center
9 Nov 2010 Dr Kimmy Chan How Can Stressed Employees Deliver Better Customer Services?
The Underlying Self-Regulation Depletion Mechanism
2 Nov 2010 Dr Israr Qureshi Social Outcome of Social Enterprise: A Social Capital Framework
19 Oct 2010 Dr Eunkyu Lee * (Syracuse University, USA) An Experimental Analysis of Multi-Brand, Multi-Outlet Channel Systems
14 Oct 2010 Prof. Sandra  Robinson * (The University of British Columbia, Canada) Ostracism and Social Exclusion: Highlights of Recent Studies on Ostracism at Work
12 Oct 2010 Dr Severin Hornung Negotiated and Crafted Job Changes: Relational and Proactive Perspectives on Job Design
5 Oct 2010 Prof. Onne Janssen * (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) The Role of Interpersonal Trust in Promoting Employee Voice and Creativity
8 Oct 2010 Prof. Onne Janssen * (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) Research Workshop on Employee Creativity
28 Sept 2010 Dr Weiting Zheng Competing Logics: The Appointment of Independent Directors in Taiwan, 2002-2005
21 Sept 2010 Prof. Namwoon Kim Industry Incumbents’ New Market Entry Motivations: Sources and Dimensions