Centre for Leadership & Innovation 領袖及創新中心



Our mission is to establish a leading centre in the Asia Pacific Region in the areas of leadership and innovation. We achieve our mission through collaborating globally with researchers and businesspeople, advancing knowledge and promoting evidence-based practices in leadership and innovation.




  1. We aim at providing support to researchers and to advance knowledge in leadership and innovation through:
    • Building a research platform for MM researchers to collaborate on various leadership and innovation projects;
    • Building a global network by linking the centre to other related centres in collaborative research projects;
    • Contributing to research, teaching and executive education in publishing peer reviewed journal articles, management cases, working paper series, edited books and other scholarly output;
    • Exchanging knowledge and feedback with practitioners, as well as collaborating with practitioners/industry on research project.
  2. We aspire to bring research and practice in line through:
    • Building partnership with CEOs from industry, NGOs and Government leaders to research and develop usable knowledge;
    • Disseminating evidence-based management knowledge to academic and business communities via various channels;
    • Providing value-added services to business communities to enhance management effectiveness via our educational programs.



Our Works

Our works mainly fall into two categories, that is, research activities and services to business communities.

  • Research activities include organizing mini-conferences, workshops, distinguished scholars series, round table discussions, research seminars, on-going research collaborations within and outside PolyU, and writing grant proposals.
  • Services to business communities include conducting management training, consultancy and executive coaching.



The Centre works closely with sponsor companies to address each sponsor’s needs. Sponsorship could be by means of events, seminars, research, surveys, assessment, case studies and other forms of projects. Companies can join at different levels of sponsorship which can be tailored-made to meet specific goals and needs.

For more information on these opportunities or other sponsorship partnerships with the Centre, please email us or call us at 852-2766-7119.



Centre Director

Name Title
Prof Wu LIU Professor and Head of Department
Department of Management and Marketing

Faculty Members

Name Title





A* and A Research Publications
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Name Publication
Dr BAI Feng Moral Pride and Hubris: Exploring the Intrapersonal Mechanisms underlying the Virtue Route to Status
Dr BAI Feng Do Good People Finish Last or First? Investigating the Roles of Envy vs. Admiration for Virtue
Dr BAI Feng Taking a person-centered and dynamic approach to status attainment: A latent profile analysis
Dr CHUNG Seunghoo Race and Occupational Privilege: Effects of Occupational Discrimination on Career and Life Outcomes
Dr CHUNG Wonjoon A Daily Dyadic Examination of Follower Creativity From a Leader’s Recovery Perspective
Dr LIM Jaegoo Stakeholder Sense-making of Corporate Media Coverage in CEO Succession
Dr CUDENNEC Arnaud Henri Jean Firm Categorization and Evaluations in Markets
Prof. LIU Wu Digital Transformation of Hong Kong Enterprises in the Greater Bay Area
Prof. LIU Wu Managerial Dilemma: Leader's Reactions to Team Voice towards Organization
Prof. LIU Wu Voice Behavior in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings: The Role of Informal Leaders and Status Hierarchy
Dr LEE Juyoung Is Random Really Random? Catastrophic Releases of Toxic Chemicals and their Corporate and Community Determinants
Dr LI Ren The unintended consequences of the #MeToo movement on social network formations in the workplace
Dr LI Shuping The Impacts of Kinship Heterogeneity and Configuration on Firm Performance in Family Firms: The Case of East Asian Economies
Dr LI Shuping Time Reveals Despite Ambiguity: Abrupt Changes in CEO Positions and Firm Ownership Restructuring
Dr LI Shuping Letting Go of the Past: Organizational Memory Decay and Firm Competitive Aggressiveness
Dr KIM You Jeung Good citizens or good citizens under pressure: An examination of newcomer helping behavior in reaction to veteran helping norms
Dr OU Yi Friendship Utility
CEO Humility and Corporate Social Irresponsibility
Dr OU Yi Proactive Actor Profiles: An Identity-based Motivational Approach
Dr OU Yi Does Top Managers' Regulatory Focus Affect Corporate Environmental Responsibility Disclosure? Evidence from China
Dr WANG Qinyu How does gender ideology affect career- and family-related behaviours and well-being: the mediating effect of career aspiration.
Dr WANG Qiyuan Love me, love my dog: The halo effect of cross-country patents on foreign knowledge
Dr ZHU Qi The Impact of COVID-19 Volunteering on Doctors’ Online Service Provision



  • Under Construction



Project Manager Project Title Company
Prof Liu WU Use of brand licensing strategy to grow business and consolidation of Hong Kong as a brand licensing and intellectual property (IP) hub in Asia Asia Licensing Association Co. Ltd.



  • Under Construction


Under Construction




Date Presenter Title
24 Mar 2021 Prof Gerry MCNAMARA Avoiding a Shark Attack: Examining Actions Firms Can Take to Avert the Threat of Activist Investors
3 Mar 2021  Dr Kristin SMITH-CROWE Which Way the Wind Blows: Differing Effects of Emotional Ambivalence on Morality
3 Feb 2021 Prof Blake ASHFORTH
Role-based Identity Foils in Organizational Life
27 Jan 2021 Prof Rodolphe DURAND Do natural disasters influence firms' environmental performance?
16 Dec 2020 Prof Aparna JOSHI Is Manliness an Advantage? The Effects of Male Ceo Masculinity on Ceo Pay and Firm Performance
9 Dec 2020 Dr Letian ZHANG Shaking Things Up: Unintended Consequences of Firm Acquisitions on Racial and Gender Inequality
2 Dec 2020 Prof Leigh Anne LIU The Language of Benevolence: Value Transformation and Liability of Foreignness in Chinese MNCs
18 Nov 2020
Dr Allison (Allie) GABRIEL Feeling Positive, Negative, or Both? Examining the Self-Regulatory Benefits of Emotional Ambivalence
21 Oct 2020
Dr David H. ZHU
The Happiness Advantage: How CEO Job Satisfaction Influences Ambidexterity
14 Oct 2020
Dr Sam Kai Chi YAM How do employees, customers, and patients perceive and interact with robots and machines?
23 Sept 2019 Dr Vivian GUO Going off script: The level of spontaneity of executive talks and divergence of investors’ opinions
13 Sept 2019 Prof Yanjun GUAN Managing boundary careers: Past research and future directions
28 Jun 2019  Dr Vijaya Venkataramani Whom Should I Delegate to? Employee Social Networks as Prisms to Make Delegation Decisions
27 Jun 2019 Prof. Subra Tangiralabr How Voice Helps Teams Cope with Change: Differential Effects of Promotiveand Prohibitive Voice
15 May 2019 Dr E. Geoffrey Love How Do I Get on that List: Theory and Evidence on Relationship'sInfluence on CEO Rankings
8 May 2019 Dr E. Geoffrey Love
Changing Strategy: the Recursive Work of Practice Change in a Permeable Profession
10 Apr 2019  Dr Margaret Ormiston Ask me anything: The influence of gender bias on journalist questions of CEOs and subsequent CEO responses
14 Mar 2019 Prof. Sea-Jin Chang Employee Approval and CEO Turnover
20 Feb 2019 Dr Maryam Kouchaki Morality at Work: Understanding the Persistence of Unethical Behavior in Organizations
8 Feb 2019 Prof. Mats Alvesson
Doing interesting research. The stupidity based theory of organizations as an example
28 Nov 2018 Dr Long Wang Too Much of A “Gift”: High Compensation and Unethical Reciprocity
26 Nov 2018 Mr Plamen Akaliyski Is globalization making us more similar? Answers from Europe and around the globe
18 Oct 2018 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Going cross-cultural in studying business practice: Why bother and how best to engage?



Under Construction




Date Detail
1 Mar 2019 8th Symposium: The Future of Work: Driving Change in Organizations
2 Mar 2018 7th Symposium: New Forms of Team and Organizational Membership
3 Mar 2017 6th Symposium: Rewards, Motivation, Creativity and Innovation
4 Mar 2016 5th Symposium: Creativity and Innovation: Individual and Strategic Perspectives
27 Feb 2015 4th Symposium: Global Perspectives on Leadership Research
21 Feb 2014 3rd Symposium: Creativity and Innovation at Work: Nature, Nurture and Nurturing Nature
22 Feb 2014 2nd Symposium: New Frontier of Leadership






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