Asian Centre for BRANDING & MARKETING 亞洲品牌及市場學中心



  1. To be a leading branding and marketing research centre in the Asia Pacific region.
  2. To promote branding research and practices in the Asia Pacific region.




  1. To adopt inter-disciplinary and cross-functional approaches to producing cutting-edge branding and marketing research with both academic and practitioner relevance.
  2. To act as a hub for knowledge sharing and the transfer of ideas and practice among design professionals, consultants, business leaders and academics, leading to innovative branding and marketing strategies and programmes for Hong Kong, Pearl River Delta and the Asia Pacific region.




The Center gratefully acknowledges the support of its sponsors.

  • Bossini International Holdings Limited
  • Campaign Asia Pacific (Haymarket Media Limited)
  • Chevalier International Holdings Limited
  • China Enterprise Reputation & Credibility Association (Overseas) Limited
  • Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited
  • Dr. Victor Lo (GBS,OBE)
  • Giordano Limited
  • Gold Peak Industries (Holdings) Limited
  • Home of Swallows Limited
  • Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design
  • Hong Kong Economic Journal
  • Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM)
  • Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)
  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • Hung Fook Tong Holdings
  • Kowloon Watch Company
  • Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited
  • Motorola Mobility, Inc.
  • Pizza Hut Hong Kong
  • Sa Sa International Holdings Limited
  • San Miguel Corporation
  • Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
  • The Wall Street Journal



The Centre works closely with sponsor companies to address each sponsor’s needs. Sponsorship could be by means of events, seminars, research, surveys, assessment, case studies and other forms of projects. Companies can join at different levels of sponsorship which can be tailored-made to meet specific goals and needs.

For more information on these opportunities or other sponsorship partnerships with the Centre, please email us or call us at 852-2766-7119.




Centre Director

Name Title
Dr Xubing ZHANG Director of ACBM
Associate Professor
Department of Management and Marketing

Core Members

Name Title
Dr. Flora GU Associate Professor and Associate Head of Department
Department of Management and Marketing
Associate Professor
Department of Management and Marketing
Prof. Yuwei JIANG Professor
Department of Management and Marketing





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Name Publication
Dr CHAE Bo Youn
The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Consumer Behavior
Dr CHAE Bo Youn The Investigation of the Impact of Promotional Items' Indulgency on Charity Donation Behavior
Dr CHAE Bo Youn Scent Effects on Food Consumption
Dr CHAE Bo Youn Revaluation of Scent Marketing: The Paradoxical Consequence of Sweet Food Smells
Dr CHEN Fangyuan Does Observing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities Make Us Donate More? An Investigation of the Effect of CSR on Consumer Prosocial Behavior
Dr CHEN Fangyuan  Consumer Response to Brand Alliance Termination: A Deontic Perspective
Dr CHEN Fangyuan A Study on Benefits of Using Social Networking Sites in the Workplace
 Dr GU Fang  Forms of Relationship Exploration and Firm Performance
Dr GU Fang How to Build Cross-cultural Customer Loyalty in International Sales Relationship
Dr GU Fang Connecting to Your Partner's Partners? By Passing Strategy in Inhibiting Partner Opportunism
Dr HUANG Feifei A New Way to Tackle Loneliness: Used Products Consumption
Dr HUANG Feifei Loneliness and Used/Recycled Products
Prof. JIANG Yuwei Consumer Color Preference under Time Scarcity
Prof. JIANG Yuwei Social Dynamics in Consumer Communication
Dr ZHANG Xubing Social Media Driven Information Search and Use: A Study of the Effects of Macro-environment, Product Category, and Trust
Dr KIM You Jeung Friendship Utility
Dr LEUNG Fine The Dark Side Effects of User Design on Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors
Dr LEUNG Fine Nonlinear Effects of Online Influencer Characteristics on Post Engagement
Dr ZHANG Xubing Selling a Product Online, Offline, or in Both Channels? The Role of the Manufacturer and the Retailer's Across-Channel Pricing Policy
Dr ZHANG Xubing Effects of Measuring Satisfaction on Customers’ Subsequent Investment Behavior: The Role of Investment Performance and Customers’ Reliance on Firms’ Investment Advice



  • Under Construction



  • Under Construction



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Under Construction

PolyU-ACBM Knowledge Transfer Webinar by Dr Royce Yuen
PolyU-ACBM Knowledge Transfer Webinar by Dr Royce Yuen

You are invited to attend the PolyU-ACBM Knowledge Transfer Webinar on “Decoding the secrets behind the success and failure of branding” presented by
Dr Royce Yuen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, MaLogic Holdings Limited, Professor of Practice (Marketing),The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 22 Nov 2021.

Date*    : 22 Nov 2021 (Monday)

Time*   : 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (Webinar)
             : 8:30 pm to 9 pm (Q&A session)
*Hong Kong Time

Venue   : Online via Zoom
Language: English

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 981 6592 4191 Passcode: 746720

Please refer to the flyer for details.
To register, please click the registration link and input your information on and before 15 Nov 2021 (Mon).

You are welcome to disseminate the information to colleagues and friends who might be interested.



Date Presenter Title
22 Nov 2021 Dr Royce Yuen Decoding the secrets behind the success and failure of branding




Date Presenter Title
31 Mar 2021 Dr Yanping Tu Product Improvement Decisions in the C2C Context: When Product Providers Prioritize Fixing Weaknesses More Than Choosers Would Appreciate
24 Mar 2021  Dr Chenxi Liao  Scalpers: When “How Many” is the Question
17 Mar 2021 Dr Shijie LU
Do Larger Audiences Generate Greater Revenues under Pay What You Want? Evidence from a Live Streaming Platform
11 Mar 2021 Dr Peggy LIU  Frequency versus Intensity: How Thinking of a Frequent Consumption Indulgence as Social versus Solitary Affects Preferences for How to Cut Back
3 Mar 2021 Prof Sam MIN  Franchisee Termination: Meaning, Performance, and Contingencies 
14 Oct 2019
Prof Andrew Tat Tin CHING A heuristic approach to explore: the value of perfect information 
26 Jul 2019
Dr Xiaoyan Deng
(Ohio State University) 
Shhh… Don’t Tell: Divergent Effects of Secrecy on Enjoyment
28 May 2019
Dr Spike W. S. Lee
(University of Toronto)
Grounded Procedures Theory: The Case of Cleansing as a Procedure of Separation
7 May 2019
Dr Keisha Cutright
(Duke University)
Divine Contentment: How God Salience Affects the Desire for Self-Improvement Products 
15 Apr 2019
Prof. Ying Zhang
(GuanghuaSchool of Management)
Consumer Identify Conflict and Risk Preference
2 Apr 2019 Prof. Jacob Goldenberg
(Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC)) 
Speed, Status Faces and Names 
1 Apr 2019 Prof. Kapil Tuli
(Singapore Management University)
The Effects of the Disclosure of Advertising Spending on Investors’ and Analysts’ Uncertainty 
28 Mar 2019  Dr Donal Crilly
(London Business School) 
In Dubious Battle:Issue Salience, Polarization,and Corporate Social Counterpositioning
28 Mar 2019 Dr Xi Li
(City University of Hong Kong) 
Transparency of Behavior-Based Pricing 
19 Mar 2019 Prof. Nancy Wong
(University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
Yearning to be Fair: Skin Tone and the Pursuit of Status 
 8 Jan 2019  Dr Yufeng Huang
(University of Rochester )
The Value of Compatibility to a Tied-good Market 
11 Dec 2018   Prof. Derek D. Rucker
(Northwestern University)
Emotionality in Language: Measurement, Theory Development, and Findings
14 Nov 2018 Dr Matthew Osborne
(University of Toronto Mississauga)
Obesity and Self-Control: Evidence from Food Purchase Data 
11 Sept 2018 Dr Juliana Fernandes
(University of Miami) 
Beauty And Negativity At The Ballot Box: Effects Of Negative Political Advertising And Attractiveness On Candidate Evaluation 
7 Sept 2018 Prof. Thomas Kramer
(University of California)
The Oreo Effect: Ritualistic Behavior Decreases Loneliness by Making Life More Meaningful



Under Construction




Date Title Location
Dec 14-15, 2015 Marketing Research Camp
Senate Room, PolyU
Jun 18, 2015 Research Seminar: Effortful Is Friendly but Talented Is Not? Influence of Attribution of Service Employee Competence on Consumer Relationship Expectation
Senate Room, PolyU
Apr 23, 2015 Research Seminar: Scarcity and Aggression: Explaining the Downside of Black Friday
Senate Room, PolyU
Nov 26, 2014 Research Seminar: The Determinants of the Vertical Relations: An Empirical Analysis of the Chinese Auto Market
Senate Room, PolyU
Nov 19, 2013 ACBM Marketing Workshop Series Shirley Chan Building, PolyU
Nov 18, 2013 7th International Conference on “Branding and Marketing in a Global Marketplace – An Asian Perspective”
Senate Room, PolyU
Dec 2, 2010  Brand Management Research Symposium AG 710, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dec 1, 2010  6th International Conference on Brand Management
Theme: Brand Sustainability
S421, The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
 Dec 1, 2009  5th International Conference on Brand Management
Theme: Brand Driven Innovation: Design, Management and Value
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Nov 29, 2009  Brand Management Research Symposium The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sep 11, 2009  Emotional Branding and Retail Experience Workshop The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
May 6, 2009 Brand Management Workshop
Theme: Enhancing and Capturing Value in Competitive Markets with Strong Brands
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
May, 2009 Briefing session for retail industry
Theme: The tenth phase of the "Customer Perceived Value (CPV) of Hong Kong's Retail Sector" research study
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Apr, 2009 Press Conference
Theme: "Customer Perceived Value (CPV) of Hong Kong's Retail Sector Phase 10 findings" research study
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dec 9, 2008  4th International Conference on Brand Management
Theme: Corporate Strategy and Branding
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Dec 8, 2008   3rd Branding Research Symposium The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
May 23, 2008  Branding Seminar
Theme: Building Profitable Customer Relationships through Superior Service & Technology
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dec 14, 2007  Brand Experience Workshop
Theme: Leveraging Brands to Drive Shareholder Value in The Greater China Market
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dec 11, 2007  3rd International Conference on Brand Management
Theme: Brand Experience
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Dec,  2007  2nd Branding Research Symposium The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Nov 28, 2006 2nd International Conference on Brand Management
Theme: Creating Values with Brands: A Global Perspective
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
 Nov, 2006 1st Branding Research Symposium The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Nov 19, 2005 1st International Conference on Brand Strategies and Management Sheraton Hotel






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