• 課程特色


    • 航空及航天工程(AA)
    • 設計及製造(DE)
    • 環境及能源工程(EE)


  • 入學要求

    General Entrance Requirements

    1. For entry with HKDSE Qualification

      4 core subjects and 1 elective subject with:
      Level 3: English Language and Chinese Language
      Level 2: Mathematics, Liberal Studies and one elective subject

      Preferred Subjects
      Preferred elective subject(s): Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Combined Science or Information & Communication Technology, extended modules of Mathematics (M1 or M2)

    Alternative Entry Route

    1. Diploma (with Credit or passes at Merit Level in at least three Level III subjects) in Mechanical Engineering or other related disciplines;
    2. Higher Certificate in Mechanical Engineering or other related disciplines;
    3. Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or other related disciplines;
    4. Associate Degree in Engineering;
    6. Qualifications equivalent to (a)-(f)

    Holders of a Higher Diploma, Associate Degree, HKALE, GCEAL, IB in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline may be given credit transfer.

    Admission Score Calculation

    The“best”5 HKDSE subjects (after subject weightings have been applied) will be taken into account.

  • 課程結構

    The number of credits required for graduation is 124 academic credits and 10 Industrial Centre Practical Training credits for students with HKDSE Physics, Maths Module I or II.

    The 124 academic credits consist of 30 mandatory credits of General University Requirements (GUR) and 94 credits of Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR).

    For students without HKDSE Physics, additional credits on "Introduction to Physics" should be taken.

    General University Requirements (GUR)

    Language & Communication Requirements (LCR)9
    Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)12
    3 credits from each of the following 4 cluster areas
    Human Nature, Relations and Development
    Community, Organisation and Globalisation
    History, Cultures and World Views
    Science, Technology and Environment
    and of which 

    A minimum of 3 credits on subjects designated as "China-related" 

    Other Requirements 
    Leadership and Intra-personal Development
    Freshman Seminar
    Healthy Lifestyle (non-credit bearing)
    Total GUR credits30

    Discipline-Specific Requirements(DSR)

    I) Faculty Common Subjects40II) Award Core Subjects39
    Basic Mathematics I-Calculus and Probability & Statistics
    Basic Electricity and Electronics
    Basic Mathematics II-Calculus and Linear Algebra
    Engineering Design Fundamentals
    Mathematics I
    Introduction to Chemistry
    Mathematics II
    Dynamics and Vibrations
       Physics I       (3)   Linear Systems and Control       (3)
    Physics II
    Manufacturing Fundamentals
    Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering / Chemistry / Biology
    Engineering Mechanics
    Computer Programming 
    Mechanics of Materials
    Information Technology
    Engineering Thermodynamics
    Engineering Economics
    Fluid Mechanics
    Engineering Management 
    Numerical Methods for Engineers
    Society and the Engineer 
    Final Year Capstone Project
    Professional Communication in Chinese 
    Professional Communication in English 
    III) Electives: Students are required to complete five elective subjects from a pool of subjects.15
    IV) Training Subjects10
    Engineering Communication and Fundamentals
    Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes
    Integrated Manufacturing Project
    Continuous Professional Development
    Total DSR credits94+10 training credits
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