Minor in Mechanical Engineering

For students admitted from 2017/18 onwards (Full-time 4-year Undergraduate Degrees)

Programme Code: 43499-YME

Requirement for Claiming the Minor Award

  • Attained 18 credits from the subjects listed under section 7, of which at least 6 credits are at level 4
  • 18 credits (Core: 12 credits; Elective: 6 credits)
Subject Code Subject Title Subject Offering Department/ Faculty Level Credit Value Subject Nature
(Compulsory /Elective)
ENG2001 Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering ISE/ME 2 3 Core
ME23001 Engineering Mechanics ME 2 3 Core
ME31001 Dynamics and Vibration ME 3 3 Core
ME32001 Manufacturing Fundamentals ME 3 3 Core
ME32002 Engineering Design Fundamentals ME 3 3 Core
ME34001/ ME34002


Engineering Thermodynamics/

Engineering Thermodynamics

ME 3 3 Core
ME34004 Fluid Mechanics ME 3 3 Core
ME46002 Numerical Methods for Engineers ME 4 3 Core
ME41003 Principles of Sound and Vibration ME 4 3 Elective
ME41005 Noise Control Engineering ME 4 3 Elective
ME42004 Development of Green Products ME 4 3 Elective
ME42005 CAD/CAE Technologies for Product Development ME 4 3 Elective
ME44002 Engine Technology ME 4 3 Elective
ME44003 Combustion and Pollution Control ME 4 3 Elective


For detailed syllabus and subject pre-requisite/co-requisite/exclusion requirement, please visit the AS subject registration website > Subject Registration > Subject Information.

Last updated in August 2019