工商管理及工程學雙學士學位 (最後收生學年為 2012/13)


  • 課程特色


    AwardCredits Required
    BEng(Hons) degree in a chosen engineering discipline and
    BBA(Hons) degree in a chosen business discipline

    The disciplines in engineering and business studies covered in the programme are as follows:

    Engineering Disciplines

    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronic & Information Engineering
    • Industrial & Systems Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering

    Business Disciplines

    • Marketing
    • Management
  • 入學要求

    For entry with HKALE Qualifications
    You must satisfy the General Entrance Requirements of the University, and the following specific subject requirement(s) of this programme:

    • E in two of the following HKALE subjects: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics (or Engineering Science), Chemistry or Computer Studies; OR
    • E in one of the following HKALE subjects: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Engineering Science, Chemistry or Computer Studies; AND
    • E in two of the following HKALE(AS-Level) subjects: Physics, Design & Technology, Mathematics & Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry or Computer Applications (similar subjects at HKALE and HKALE(AS-Level) are mutually exclusive);


    • C in HKCEE Mathematics or Additional Mathematics (only required for applicants without E in HKALE Applied Mathematics or Pure Mathematics, or HKALE(AS-Level) Applied Mathematics or Mathematics & Statistics); AND
    • D in HKCEE Physics or Engineering Science (only required for applicants without E in HKALE Physics (or Engineering Science), or HKALE(AS-Level) Physics or Design & Technology).

    Alternative Entry Routes

    • An appropriate Diploma (with Credit) in a relevant engineering discipline from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University or the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE); OR
    • An appropriate Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a relevant engineering discipline.
  • 課程結構
    • Students are free to choose any study discipline and option with no quota limit. They will be required to indicate their choice of engineering discipline to be pursued before the end of their first semester of studies. They will also be required to indicate their choice of business discipline to be pursued, as well as the study option, as indicated in the Programme Characteristics section, before the end of their second semester of studies.
    • In each year of the programme, students take a roughly equal number of engineering and management subjects.
    • Students can take the Sandwich year option and undertake one year of paid practical training in a selected local or overseas company after year 3: i.e., before the final year.
    • To broaden their horizons, students are given the opportunities to participate, on a competitive basis, in student exchange programmes for short-term study at overseas universities
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