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2013 年 07 月 26 日
Seminar - The Progress in Shock Dynamics by Dr. Chun Wang

Date:   26 July 2013 (Friday)

Time:   11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Venue:  EF305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Shock dynamics is a branch of aerodynamics in fluid dynamics. The earliest work on shock dynamics was carried out by Chester, Chisnell and Witham in the 50’s of the last century and used to solve the moving shock variations in area-changing ducts, which could not be analyzed by the common steady aerodynamics with coordinate transformation. Shock dynamics mainly concerns the theoretical analysis to the behaviors of unsteady moving shock wave, and widely used in theoretical solution to shock diffraction, reflection and shock focusing. In the 1980’s, Professor Han and Yin of University of Sciences and Technology of China developed the shock dynamics in the moving supersonic flow, which can be used to analyze the interaction of a steady shock wave and a moving unsteady shock wave. Until now, shock dynamic is mainly used by the researchers of explosion mechanics and seldom known by those of aeronautics and aerospace. A branch of shock dynamics is the detonation shock dynamics developed by Bdzil & Stewart.

Dr. Chun Wang will give a talk about some progress in shock dynamics conducted by the authors in recent years. A typical work is the theoretic approach to the three-dimensional steady shock interactions in the supersonic three-dimensional compression inlet. Another work is the theoretical modeling of the periodic oscillator concept in the detonation reacting front.


Dr. Chun Wang is an Associate Professor of Institute of Mechanics, Chinese academy of Sciences, who received his Ph.D. degree of Fluid Mechanics in USTC in 2004. He also has the research background of hypersonic propulsion in the Third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). Dr. Chun Wang has published over 40 papers in scientific journals, he was granted Second Award of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award of China in 2000 and 2002, respectively, and the 11th Award for Youth in Science and Technology of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2011. His research interest involves: steady and unsteady aerodynamics, reaction flow simulation, experimental technology of supersonic combustion and detonation.