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2013 年 07 月 18 日
Seminar - DNS and Data Assimilation of compressible jets and shear layers by Prof. Jörn Sesterhenn

Date:   18 July 2013 (Thursday)

Time:   11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Venue:  EF305, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Physics and acoustics from a continuously blowing jet are relatively well known from several decades of active research. We presently look at the initial development of a jet blowing out of a finite pressurized containment. In particular this situation occurs in Strombolian eruptions of volcanoes where also particles are ejected and may play an active role in the dynamics and acoustics of the jet.

The present talk shows our ongoing DNS computations of starting jests with and without particles. In order to compute flow fields from given observations with particulate flows an adjoint method for the data assimilation of pressure data from PIV measurements is developed and results, not yet applied to the jet but a shear layer, will be shown.


Prof. Jörn Sesterhenn received his PhD. of Engineering Mathematics at ETH Zürich, Switzerland in 1996. He became Postdoc and Lecturer of University of Washington (Density driven flow and pyroclastic avalanche), Seattle, U.S.A. in 1997. He was Habilitation at Technical University of Munich (Aeroacoustics and crossflow instabilities), Munich, Germany in 2004. He then became Associate Professor of University of Armed Forces (Numerical mathematics), Munich, Germany in 2006. He is now a Professor of Technical University of Berlin (Fluid Dynamics and aeroacoustics), Berlin, Germany.