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Seminar - From Spray Cooling to Droplet Impacting and Droplet Train Impingement by Prof. Fei DUAN
日期:2018 年 10 月 29 日 ( 星期一)
Time:2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


Droplet impingement on the substrate can be found universally in our daily life, like rain drops falling on the buildings or ground. It is also a general phenomenon in many industrial applications including printing, coating, painting, thermal management, and so on. The spray cooling will be briefed for thermal management of the electronic element in the closed loop systems in our study. The nozzle array will be applied in the high power cooling, and the critical heat flux improving will be explained in the reduced pressure conditions. For further understanding, the physical transition of single droplet impacting on the heated flat and patterned surface will be reported to elaborate the surface effect and operation conditions. The interaction among droplets on the basis of droplet train impingement will then be introduced to show the transition on the spreading diameter and splashing angle transitions, point heat sink, and unique liquid film lift-off on surface.


Dr. Fei Duan joined Nanyang technological University, Singapore in July 2008 after three-year postdoc study in University of Toronto in Canada, now he works there as an associate professor. He graduated with his Ph.D. degree from University of Toronto, Canada in 2005. In the Ph.D. period, he also worked as a visiting scientist in Institute of Fluid Mechanics at Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. The topics of his researches covers droplet evaporation dynamics, Marangoni flow, nanofluid drying, enhanced thermal cooling for industrial applications and data center management, efficient cogeneration system, etc. Dr. Duan has advised 14 Ph.D. and 7 Master’s research students. Dr. Duan has published about 180 journal papers, conference papers and book chapters, among them, over 100 are the peer reviewed journal papers. He is a member of ASME and APS.