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Seminar - Computational Fluid Dynamics Application in Biomimetic and Marine Renewable Technology by Dr. Qing Xiao
日期:2018 年 06 月 20 日 ( 星期三)
Time:11:00 am – 12:00 pm


In this talk, the research work currently being performed in a CFD research group at NAOME department in the Strathclyde University will be introduced. Particular interests will focus on the investigation for bio-inspired AUV, offshore tidal and wind turbine. Other CFD and Computational Structure Dynamics (CSD) studies in ocean engineering will be described, such as the dynamic response of floating offshore structure and rigid/flexible riser Vortex Induced Vibration.

Fig. 1 Self-propelled swimming fin with multiple undulation fins

Fig. 2 Vortex Induced Vibration of 3D flexible cable

Fig. 3 Offshore floating wind turbine


Qing Xiao is Reader of Marine Hydrodynamics in the Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering (NAOME) at Strathclyde University, United Kingdom. She is leading a Computational Fluid Dynamics & Computational Structural Dynamics research group at NAOME. Her major research interests are computational fluid dynamics with particular interests in bioinspired hydrodynamics, marine renewable energy devices and offshore fluid-structure-interaction problems. Her current research projects are funded by Royal Society, EPSRC, Royal Academy Engineering and industry companies in UK, France and USA. Dr Xiao has published over 100 original research papers at peer reviewed journals and conferences. She is a senior Member of the AIAA, a Member of ISOPE, ASME and BIOKON. Dr Xiao is editorial member of Ocean Engineering Journal, associated editor of Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (JOMAE), International Towing Tank Committee (ITTC) Ocean Engineering Committee member.