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Seminar - Traditional Chinese medicine describes the transduction pathways of signaling molecules 黃帝內經描述了信號分子的傳遞過程 by Dr. Yang LIU
日期:2018 年 02 月 08 日 ( 星期四)
Time:11:00 am – 12:00 pm


Knowledge of signal transduction pathways and their corresponding signaling molecules is critical in evaluating potential therapeutic targets. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used Yang and Yin to describe the physiological processes in human body, but its scientific basis is unknown. According to “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” (YEIC)―the fundamental doctrinal source for TCM―there are five phases of Yang-Yin, each pertaining to particular physiological functions. Their interaction and relationship determine the physiological conditions of human being. In this work, we established the direct mapping between Yang-Yins and signal molecules. It is revealed that the signal transduction pathways are identical to the dialectical relationships of Yang-Yins. They are consistent with TCM therapeutic strategies too. In addition, it is demonstrated that the Chinese herbal medicine regulates signal transductions. With the direct mapping, it is evident that the modern medicine and TCM identified the same pathogenesis of diseases, such as hematuria, constipation, hemorrhoidal disease, nocturnal enuresis, frequent urination, gall stone, acute cholecystitis and hypertension; etc, with highly similar treatment strategy, albeit using different terminologies.


Yang Liu obtained his BSc from University of Science and Technology of China, MPhil from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and PhD from University of Sydney. He is currently an associate professor in mechanical engineering at HKPolyU. His research area includes biomechanics, thermos-fluids, and CFD. He has been motivated by curiosity to study TCM and signal molecules since 2008.