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Seminar - Aerodynamic Testing at Duplicating Hypersonic Flight Conditions with Hyper-Dragon by Prof. Zonglin Jiang
日期:2017 年 10 月 09 日 ( 星期一)
Time:3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


In this talk, aerodynamic testing carried out with the JF12 hypervelocity shock tunnel is reported and three experiments are discussed. The first experiment is aerodynamic heat test in hypersonic boundary layer, and a new thermal-sensor for heat flux measurement at the extreme high-temperature condition is described and the hypersonic boundary physics is explored. The second one is the aerodynamic force testing, and a new concept is proposed for designing an optimum force and moment measurement system with shock tunnels. With this technology, the real gas effect is investigated and its dominating mechanism is considered to be the gas molecular vibration. The last is the Scramjet test from which two engine operation models are observed, that is the continuous and pulsed combustion. Because most of the scramjet tests were conducted in combustion-based test facilities, the experimental data at the duplicated hypersonic flight condition would be of fundamental importance for exploring coupling of combustion, supersonic flow and shock dynamics.


Prof. Zonglin Jiang received his PhD degree from Peking University, and has been a leading professor of the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2000. His current research interests include shock and detonation physics, computational flow dynamics, high-temperature gas dynamics and advanced hypersonic test facilities. He is a winner of the AIAA 2016 Ground Testing Award for skillful leadership in conceiving, developing and successful commissioning of the world’s largest shock tunnel capable of true hypersonic flight simulation and Jiang’s work has advanced the state of the art in large-scale hypersonic test facilities.