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Seminar - How are living things seen from dynamics and fluid mechanics? by Prof. Takayuki SAITO
日期:2016 年 09 月 07 日 ( 星期三)
Time:11:00 am – 12:00 pm


We, humans, are one of living things. However, usually we are not conscious of this fact. In order to build sustainable society for our future, we have to solve very difficult problems such as the global warming and climate change, furthermore we have to deeply understand “nature”. In this lecture, we observe living things on the basis of “dynamics” and “fluid mechanics” that students learned already, and reconsider the fact that humans are family of living things. For instance, we are going to think deep meanings of Reynolds number and Weber number. On the basis of the physical meanings of these dimensionless numbers, we consider living things more deeply.


Prof. Saito received Dr. of Eng. from Tohoku University in Japan. Currently, he serves as Head of Researches in Graduate School of Science and Technology and Deputy Director in Research Institute of Green Science and Technology at Shizuoka University. His major research areas include fluid mechanics (in particular multiphase flow and multiphase turbulent flow), laser-based measurement science and technology, and environmental technology. He has published more than one hundred journal papers, such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Applied Physics Letters, Measurement Science and Technology, and Environmental Science and Technology. He received “Outstanding Paper Award” from Institute of Physics, “Research Award” from The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, and so on.