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Seminar - Design with Constructal Theory: Recent Advances by Prof. Sylvie Lorente
日期:2016 年 03 月 17 日 ( 星期四)
Time:11:00 am – 12:00 pm


The Constructal law is the law of physics that accounts for the natural tendency of all flow systems (animate and inanimate) to evolve into configurations that offer greater flow access. In this lecture I cover the progress made with the Constructal law in the domain of engineering. Natural porous flow structures exhibit multiple scales and non-uniform distribution of length scales through the available space. I show that heterogeneous flow structures can be derived from the principle of increasing flow access. In the context of electrokinetic transport through porous media, I will show that the ionic transfer can be facilitated in time and in space by selecting the flow configuration. I will also discuss the heat transfer performance of complex flow architectures embedded in a conducting solid. One application of this work deals with ground-coupled heat pumps, in various configurations: U-shaped with varying spacing between the parallel portions of the U, serpentines with three elbows, and trees with T- and Y-shaped bifurcations. At a more global scale, I will show that the production and use of heating on an area must be distributed in clusters organized such that the losses associated with centers of production are balanced by the losses associated with distribution lines. This balance underpins the “distributed energy systems” concept, which is illustrated by the production and distribution of hot water on an area. We discover that several abrupt design “transitions” must occur as the amount of water used by each individual increases in time with the standard of living.


Sylvie Lorente received all her degrees from INSA, the University of Toulouse: B.S. (1992), M.S. (1992) and Ph.D. (1996). Her research interests encompass vascularized materials, Constructal theory, urban design, energy and buildings, porous media, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat and mass transfer. She is the author of 6 books, 9 book chapters and 170 peer-reviewed articles. Her h-index is 29 on ISI and 37 on Google Scholar. Professor Lorente is the recipient of the Bergles-Rohsenow Heat Transfer Award and the Obert Thermodynamics award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the James Hartnett award from the International Center of Heat and Mass Transfer. She is Professor (Exceptional class) at the INSA, University of Toulouse, and in addition Adjunct Professor at Duke University (USA), Chair Professor of Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), Adjunct Professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica in Santiago (Chile), Honorary Professor at the Shandong Academy of sciences (China). She was appointed in 2014 to the European Research Council. She is the Vice-President for INSA Corporate Relations and the Director of the Foundation of INSA Toulouse.