In the 2020/2021 results of grants from the Research Grants Council’s General Research Fund (GRF) announced in June 2020, ME’s success rate for the GRF was 36% in 2020/21 exercise.  Eight of our GRF proposals were funded.

Congratulations to the following colleagues who were successful in securing a GRF grant in this round.

Principal Investigator Project Title
Prof. CHENG Li Enhanced Acoustic Black Hole Effects through Intentional Mechanical/Electromechanical Coupling and Nonlinearities
Dr CHOY Yat Sze Acoustics behavior of orifice with shallow backing cavity under grazing flow for development of perforated panel type metamaterial for fan noise control
Prof. FU Ming-wang Size effect affected anisotropy and asymmetry in multi-scaled deformation of metallic materials
Dr LEUNG Chi Kin Randolph Passive Control of Cavity Aeroacoustic Resonance Using Localized Surface Compliance
Prof. SU Zhongqing Non-invasive Ultrasound Monitoring of Blood Viscosity Using A Stretchable, Conformal, and Wearable Nanocomposite Sensing Array: Fundamental Research & Proof of Concept
Prof. WEN Chihyung Richtmyer–Meshkov Instability in a Multilayer Cylinder Configuration
Dr WONG Wai-on Design of a tunable hybrid vibration damper with Coulomb and electromagnetic shunt damping
Dr ZHANG Peng Towards Quantitatively Predictive Modelling of Droplet Collision in Spray Simulation: Headon Collision of Equal-size Droplets