Project TitleInvestigatorSource of Funding
Development of a Novel Bimodal Moment Method (BMM) Model Scheme for Solving Complex Aerosol-Related ProblemsTL ChanRGC General Research FundHKD 622,000
A Novel Bivariate Taylor Expansion Method of Moments (BTEMOMs) for Multi-Scale Agglomerate Synthesis in Turbulent Combustion FlowsTL Chan and JZ Lin (Zhejiang University, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 835,025
Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of the Formation and Evolution of Gaseous and Particulate Pollutants in Porous Media Combustion (多孔介质燃烧中气态及颗粒污染物生成与演化的实验及数值模拟研究)TL Chan国家自然科学基金RMB 788,000
Investigation of Primary PM and NO2 Emissions from On-road Vehicles and Their Impact on the Roadside and Ambient Air Quality in Hong KongZ Ning (The City University of Hong Kong, HK), TL Chan and NYF Lam (The City University of Hong Kong, HK)Environment and Conservation FundHKD 499,000
A Hierarchical Diagnosis Strategy and Integrity Monitoring Technique for Space Structures and SystemsL Cheng, ZQ Su, YS Choy and XJ JingBeijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering, China Academy of Space TechnologyHKD 4,158,505
Perturbed Local Dynamic Equilibrium for Structural Damage Identification: Theory and Methodology (由微元動力平衡擾動辨識結構損傷的理論與方法)L Cheng, WO Wong, JL Guyader (Inst National des Sci Appl. De Lyon, France), S Zhang, C Mao and H Xu国家自然科学基金RMB 820,000
Vibrating Structures Coupled to Open/Close Acoustic Cavities with Application to Micro-perforated PanelsL Cheng and JL Guyader (Inst National des Sci App de Lyon, France)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Simulation, Monitoring and Control of Vibroacoustic Coupled SystemsL ChengState Key Laboratories of Mechanics and Control of Mechanical Structure, NUAA, ChinaRMB 200,000
Interior Noise and Vibration Control of Spacecraft Enclosure (面向载人航天器密封舱的噪音与振动控制理论方法及应用技术研究)L Cheng, XJ Jing, YS Choy and ZQ SuChina Academy of Space Agency (CAST)RMB 1,194,000
Study on the Structural Damage Detection Method Based on Perturbed Local EquilibriumL ChengMatching Grant for China ProjectsHKD 206,558
Acoustic Boundary Design Based on a Wavelet-Decomposed Galerkin FormulationL ChengRGC General Research FundHKD 762,183
Structure-Borne Wave Manipulation Through Acoustic Black Hole for Vibration and Noise Control ApplicationsL Cheng and JH Qiu (Nanjing U of Aeronautics & Astronautics, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 594,874
Structure-borne Wave Manipulation through Acoustic Black Hole for Engineering ApplicationsL Cheng国家自然科学基金RMB 3,480,000
Research on Structural Wave Manipulation and its Engineering ApplicationsL ChengState Key Laboratories of Mechanics and Control of Mechanical Structure, NUAA, ChinaRMB 200,000
Influence of Biodiesel on Physical and Chemical Properties of Particulate Matter Emitted from A Diesel EngineCS Cheung and Z Ning (The City University of Hong Kong, HK)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Fan Noise Control in the Duct by Tensioned Membrane Covered with Cavity (帶背腔的薄膜結構用於管道風扇噪音控制的研究)YS Choy, XN Wang and Q Xi国家自然科学基金RMB 250,000
Suppression of Fan Noise in A Short Duct via Vibro-acoustic CouplingYS Choy and SK Tang (BSE)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Acoustic Behavior of Parallel-arranged Perforated Panel Absorber at High Sound Pressure LevelYS ChoyRGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Online Sound Sources Identification for Space VehiclesYS Choy, L Cheng, ZQ Su, XJ Jing and SK Tang (BSE)Beijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering, China Academy of Space TechnologyHKD 600,000
Research on the Ducted Fan Noise Control by Membrane Backed with CavityYS ChoyMatching Grant for China ProjectsHKD 62,975
Automated Vision-based Micro-surgical Task Execution through a Robotic Multi-arm Micromanipulation SystemHong Kong OthersKH ChuHKD 200,000
Investigation on Ductile Fracture Behavior and Ductile Fracture Defects in Micro-scale Plastic DeformationMW FuRGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Squeezing Superplastic Forming of Bulk Metallic Glasses for Fabrication of Electrical/Electronics ComponentsMW FuInnovation and Technology FundHKD 867,500
Deformation Mechanism Research of H62 Sheet in Eletromagnetic Micro PunchingMW FuFuzhou University, ChinaHKD 36,000
Mechanical Property and MicrostructureTesting of Ultra-high Strength Steel Sheet (DP590, DP780 and DP980)MW FuBehang University, ChinaHKD 123,760
Investigation of Thermal Assisted Microforming of Bio-compatible Ti-alloysMW FuMatching Grant for China ProjectsHKD 98,600
Investigation on Ductile Fracture Behavior and Ductile Fracture Defects in Micro-Scale Plastic DeformationMW FuRGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Research on Different Ductile Behaviors and the Validity of the Fracture Criteria in Multi-scale Plastic Deformation Processes (不同尺度下塑性变形中断裂行为差异及断裂准则有效性研究)MW Fu国家自然科学基金RMB 345,550
Feature Characterization and Fault Detection of Complex-structure Systems Based on Dynamic Response Signals & Initial Development of New Generation Vibration Isolation Technology in Aeronautic EngineeringXJ Jing, L Cheng, WO Wong and RCK LeungBeijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering, China Academy of Space TechnologyHKD 1,200,000
Study on Vibration Isolation and Control Methods by Exploiting Nonlinear Benefits (利用非线性特性实现振动隔离和控制的方法研究)XJ Jing国家自然科学基金RMB 810,000
Nonlinear Analysis and Design in the Frequency Domain: Theoretic Basis and Practical MethodsXJ Jing and L ChengRGC General Research FundHKD 1,163,130
Study on Nonlinear Vibration Suppression of Moving Structures (运动机构的非线性減振技术研究)XJ JingHarbin Engineering University, ChinaRMB 180,000
Exploration of The Most Feasible Sustainable Green Fuel: Biogas Enriched with HydrogenCW Leung, CS Cheung and ZH Huang (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 670,500
Novel Wave Functional Materials for Manipulating Light and Sound (ME)RCK LeungAoE Collaborated ProjectHKD 300,000
Novel Acoustic Metamaterial Liner Technology for Low Frequency Ventilation Noise AbsorptionRCK Leung, GCY Lam and ZY Yang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK)Innovation and Technology FundHKD 1,197,346
Passive Control of Train-Tunnel Interaction Aeroacoustics in High-Speed RailwayRCK LeungRGC General Research FundHKD 706,195
高升力翼型氣動噪聲及其降噪方法研究RCK Leung机械系统与振动国家重点实验室开放课题RMB 150,000
Innovative Design and Optimization Methodology for Product Centrifugal Blower NoiseRCK Leung, A Law (Raymond Industrial Limited, HK), WQ Gong (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China) and YW WongInnovation and Technology FundHKD 436,817.8
Experimental and Numerical Studies of Innovative Acoustical Material Technology for Industrial and Urban Low-Frequency Noise MitigationRCK Leung, WP Bi (Univ du Maine, France), Le D.A. (Univ du Maine, France) and Y. Auregan (Univ du Maine, France)RGC Joint Research SchemeHKD 3,240,000
Development of Advanced Close-Proximity (CPX) Technology with Suppressed Background Noise for Tyre/Road Noise Measurement in Hong Kong TrafficRCK Leung and WT Hung (CEE)Hong Kong GovernmentHKD 1,628,140
Loading and Cleaning of A Nanofiber Depth Filter for Capturing Submicron AerosolsWWF LeungRGC General Research FundHKD 725,000
High-performance all solution processing pervoskite-based solar cells with TiO2 /CNT nanofiber scaffoldWWF LeungInnovation and Technology FundHKD 1,217,361
Development of Next Generation Multi-layer Chitosan Nanofiber Filters for Medical/Environmental Use with Novel Filtration/Purification TechnologyWWF Leung and H Feng (Avalon Nano-Biotech (HK) Limited)Hong Kong GovernmentHKD 2,727,266
Hydro-mechanical Properties of Fluid-structure Interaction ProblemsY LiuJiangsu University, PR ChinaHKD 315,000
Active Drag Reduction of a 3D Generic Car Model Using A Combination of Steady and Unsteady ActuationsY Liu, XJ Jing and Y Li (Institute of Low Speed Aerodynamics, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 930,425
Closed-loop-controlled Turbulent Boundary Layer based on Local Surface OscillationY Liu, XJ Jing, Y Zhou (Harbin Institute of Technology, China) and WJ Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK)RGC General Research FundHKD 922,600
Effect of Vasomotion on Efficient Flow Delivery in Microvascular NetworkY Liu and XY Luo (University of Glasgow, UK)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Towards the Unique Miniaturized Optical Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Apparatus – A Conceptual Investigation on Measuring Ultrahigh Strain Rate Using Optical MethodsHH RuanHong Kong OthersHKD 200,000
Constitutive Modelling of Glass: New Experiments and New ModelsHH RuanEarly Career SchemeHKD 921,290
Formation and Fracture of Zirconium Hydrides under Temperature Transient and/or Gradient (溫度變化和溫度梯度下結合金中氫化物的形成和斷裂)SQ Shi, GP Zheng, MJ Hao, NN Li and ZH Xiao国家自然科学基金RMB 800,000
核电站蒸汽发生器管道材料的应力腐蚀开裂的防护SQ Shi深圳市生物、互联网、新能源产业发展专项资金基础研究计划-新能源RMB 800,000
Development of A Phase Field Modeling Framework for Localized Corrosion KineticsSQ Shi, SY Hu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US) and JL Luo (University of Alberta, Canada)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
相场法模拟金属型核燃料的辐照损伤行为SQ Shi中國工程物理研究院材料研究所RMB 150,000
Online Health Diagnosis and Integrity Monitoring for Space Vehicles based on Elastic Waves and Embeddable Sensor NetworksZQ Su, L Cheng, YS Choy and XJ JingBeijing Institute of Spacecraft Environment Engineering, China Academy of Space TechnologyHKD 600,000
Trial : Online Health Diagnosis and Prognosis (Online-HD&P) for Train Structures Using a Large-scale Diagnostic Sensor NetworkZQ Su and L ChengInnovation and Technology FundHKD 232,429
Structural Health Monitoring-oriented Quantitative Characterization of Fatigue Damage Using Nonlinearities of Acousto-ultrasonic Waves: Fundamental Investigation, Algorithm Development and Experimental ValidationZQ SuRGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Acoustical Nonlinearity of Structural Fatigue Cracks and Probability-based Characterization and Monitoring (結構疲勞裂紋的非線性波動特征及其概率診斷與監測)ZQ Su国家自然科学基金RMB 800,000
Characteristics of Damage-induced Nonlinearity of Elastic Waves and Applications to Health Monitoring of Aircraft FRP (損傷誘發彈性波非線性特征的研究及其在飛行器FRP材料健康監測中的應用)ZQ Su, SF Yuan (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China)機械結構力學及控制國家重點實驗室開放課題項目RMB 200,000
In-situ Sensing and Characterization of Fatigue Damage Using Nonlinearity of Elastic Disturbance Perceived by a Coated CNT-graphene Hybrid Sensor NetworkZQ Su and LM ZhouRGC General Research FundHKD 550,000
An Innovative Smart Sensing Network Coating towards in-situ Acousto-ultrasonics-based Health Monitoring for Engineering StructuresZQ Su and LM ZhouInnovation and Technology FundHKD 1,579,182
Application of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators on a Highly Swept Delta WingCY WenRGC General Research FundHKD 670,500
Fragmentation, Vaporization and Combustion of Liquid Fuels in High-speed Flows (液态燃料在高速气流中的雾化、蒸发和燃烧)CY Wen国家自然科学基金RMB 900,000
JF-12激波风洞六分量测力高精度数据采集系统研制CY Wen中国科学院力学研究所RMB 500,000
Design of Innovative Flapping Micro Air VehicleCY Wen, XJ Jing and PGG Huang (Wright State University, USA)Innovation and Technology FundHKD 1,434,719
Experimental Investigation on Flow Instabilities of a Miscible Magnetic Droplet in a Hele–Shaw CellCY WenRGC General Research FundHKD 550,000
A Unique Multipurpose Transonic-to-Hypersonic Ludwieg Tube Facility for Study of the High-Speed AerodynamicsCY Wen, L Cheng, RCK Leung, P Zhang, CH Cheng (ISE), LX Huang (The University of Hong Kong, HK), HH Qiu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK) and K Xu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK)RGC Collaborative Research FundHKD 4,500,000
The Design, Manufacture, Analysis and Control of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)CY Wen and SJ Shen (HKUST)Innovation and Technology Fund ITF Funding: HK$4,551,200 DJI Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. Sponsorship: $1,000,000Amount of funding to allocated to PolyU: $2,033,750
液态燃料爆轰波形成之数值模拟研究CY Wen爆炸科学与技术国家重点实验室(北京理工大学)开放基金项目RMB 100,000
Infrasonic Vibration Suppression Using Viscoelastic Dynamic AbsorberWO WongRGC General Research FundHKD 758,225
Experimental Investigation and Replication of Biological Adhesion Structures (多級生物黏附結構的實驗研究和仿製)HM Yao, LL Hu (Sun Yat-sen University, China), XG Lei (Sun Yat-sen University, China), SY Liu (Sun Yat-sen University, China) and Q Ye (Sun Yat-sen University, China)国家自然科学基金RMB 450,000
Mechanics of Morphological Optimization of Current Collectors in Li-ion Batteries for Enhanced Adhesion with Si-based Electrode MaterialsHM Yao and LM ZhouRGC General Research FundHKD 861,450
Exploration of Material Design Principles from the Teeth of Black Carp – A Predator of Shelled MollusksHM YaoRGC Early Career SchemeHKD 745,437
Investigation on the Mechanics of Adhesion between Tubeworm (Hydroides elegans) and SubstrataHM Yao and V Thiyagarajan (The University of Hong Kong, HK)RGC General Research FundHKD 762,183
Investigation of the Lithiation Process in Constrained Anode Materials for High-Performance Lithium Ion BatteriesHM Yao and HT Wang (Zhejiang University, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 458,305.65
Ab Initio Chemical Kinetics for Key Reactions in Biodiesel CombustionP ZhangRGC Early Career SchemeHKD 814,000
Theoretical Chemical Kinetics for Pyrolysis and Oxidation of Large Biodiesel MoleculesP Zhang, CK Law (Tsinghua University, China) and XQ You (Tsinghua University, China)RGC Joint Research SchemeHKD 400,000
煤油代替模型的裂解化学反应简化机理研究P Zhang中国科学院力学研究所RMB 150,000
生物柴油燃烧关键反应的从头算化学动力学P Zhang深圳市科技创新委员会RMB 340,000
Dynamics of Binary Droplet Collision under Elevated Gas PressuresP ZhangRGC General Research FundHKD 550,000
Cryogenic Processing of Bulk Nanostructured Titanium and Titanium Alloys for Medical Implant ApplicationsGP ZhengInnovation and Technology FundHKD 998,200
應用于生物医療器械的納米結构純鈦的制备及其變形机制的研究GP Zheng深圳市科技創新委員会RMB 200,000
Electrocaloric Effect in Graphene-ferroelectric Ultra-thin Multilayer StructuresGP ZhengShenzhen Innovation and TechnologyRMB 500,000
Development of Hybrid Supercapacitors Using Nanofiber ElectrodesLM Zhou and ZG Lu (South University of Science & Technology of China, China)RGC General Research FundHKD 525,000
Residual Stress Measurement Dedicated to Structural Aeronautical Composite Part with Organic MatrixLM Zhou and J Lu (The City University of Hong Kong, HK)Airbus UK LimitedHKD 865,180
纳米粒子掺杂光纤涂覆层材料特性研究LM Zhou哈尔滨工程大学理学院RMB 300,000
新型船用热塑性复合材料合作研发及应用LM Zhou科技部港澳台科技合作专项RMB 250,000
夹层阻尼、吸声/承载功能一体化复合材料测试研究LM Zhou哈尔滨工程大学船舶学院RMB 300,000
Design of Passive Unidirectional Acoustic MetamaterialsJ ZhuRGC Early Career SchemeHKD 631,290