Assistant Professor
PhD (Princeton)

ORCID iD 0000-0002-8879-9595
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Area of Specialization

Biofuel chemistry, Supercritical combustion, Fuel-lean combustion, Advanced power/propulsion systems, Non-equilibrium reactive flow, Advanced battery material synthesis and fire safety, Plasma-assisted synthesis

Short Description

Dr Zhao received his Ph.D degree from the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering of Princeton University in 2019.  Prior to joining Princeton, he received his M.S. degree from the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering of Columbia University in 2013 and obtained his B.S. degree from Southeast University of China in 2012. His research provides insights for extreme combustion, low-carbon energy conversion, and pollutant control in experiment and theory, especially in the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas on energy conversion and climate changes.

Selected Publications/Research Projects

  1. Hao Zhao*, Chao Yan, Tianhan Zhang, Guoming Ma, Michael J. Souza, Chongwen Zhou, and Yiguang Ju, Studies of high-pressure n-butane oxidation with CO2 dilution up to 100 atm using a supercritical-pressure jet-stirred reactor, Proc. Combust. Inst. (2020) In press.
  2. Chao Yan*, Xiaofang Yang, Hao Zhao, Hongtao Zhong, Guoming Ma, Yongfeng Qi, Bruce E. Koel, and Yiguang Ju, Controlled dy-doping to nickel-rich cathode materials in high temperature aerosol synthesis, Proc. Combust. Inst. (2020) In press.
  3. Hao Zhao*, Ningbo Zhao, Tianhan Zhang, Shuqun Wu, Guoming Ma, Chao Yan, Yiguang Ju, Studies of multi-channel spark ignition of lean n-pentane/air mixtures in a spherical chamber, Combust. Flame 212 (2020) 337-344.
  4. Hao Zhao*, Zunhua Zhang, Yacine Rezgui, Ningbo Zhao, Yiguang Ju, Studies of high pressure 1,3-butadiene flame speeds and high temperature chemistry using hydrogen and oxygen sensitization, Combust. Flame 200 (2019) 135-141.
  5. (Co-first author) Zunhua Zhang, Hao Zhao*, Ling Cao, Gesheng Li, Yiguang Ju, Kinetic effects of n-heptane addition on low and high temperature oxidation of methane in a jet-stirred reactor, Energy. Fuels 32 (2018) 11970–11978.
  6. Hao Zhao*, Lingnan Wu, Charles Patrick, Zunhua Zhang, Yacine Rezgui, Xueliang Yang, Gerard Wysocki, Yiguang Ju, Study of low temperature oxidation of n-pentane with nitric oxide addition in a jet stirred reactor, Combust. Flame 197 (2018) 78-87.
  7. Hao Zhao*, Alon Dana, Zunhua Zhang, William Green, Yiguang Ju, Experimental and modeling study of the mutual oxidation of n-pentane and nitrogen dioxide at low and high temperatures in a jet stirred reactor, Energy 165 (2018) 727-738.
  8. Hao Zhao*, Jiapeng Fu, Francis M. Haas, Yiguang Ju, Effect of prompt dissociation of formyl radical on 1, 3, 5-trioxane and CH2O laminar flame speeds with CO2 dilution at elevated pressure, Combust. Flame 183 (2017) 253-260.
  9. (Co-first author) Daniel Felsmann*, Hao Zhao, Qiang Wang, et al., Contributions to improving small ester combustion chemistry: Theory, model and experiments, Proc. Combust. Inst. 36 (2017) 543-551.
  10. Hao Zhao*, Xueliang Yang, Yiguang Ju, Kinetic studies of ozone assisted low temperature oxidation of dimethyl ether in a flow reactor using molecular-beam mass spectrometry, Combust. Flame 173 (2016) 187-194.