Prof. Mingwang Fu’s recent paper, co-authored with Chair Prof. Sanqiang Shi and postdoctoral researcher Dr XF Tang as the first author, was featured as the cover of the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture (IJMTM) for three issues from January to March of 2021. IJMTM is the top one journal in manufacturing with the impact factor of 8.019.

The paper entitled “interactive effect of grain size and crystal structure on deformation behavior in progressive micro-scaled deformation of metallic materials” was published in IJMTM in January 2020 and reported the findings of the interactive effect of grain and geometry sizes and crystal structure on the process behavior, performance and the quality and properties of the parts made by the unique deformation-based micro-manufacturing process. It also summarizes the development of an innovative process and the scientific understanding and insight into the nature of the effects of microstructure and geometrical sizes and the crystal structure of materials to provide a basis for process innovation and process and quality optimization. This research is a hot topic in micro-manufacturing as it involves multi-disciplines covering micro-mechanics, materials and manufacturing sciences. The journal of IJMTM selects four best papers from all the papers published in the journal each year to be featured as the cover of the journal and each cover is used for three months. The paper to be featured by the journal comes from the NSFC key project with the funding of RMB 3 million of which Prof Mingwang Fu is the principal investigator of the project.

Nowadays, micro-manufacturing has become an important manufacturing process for making micro-scaled parts and structures to meet the huge demands from different industrial clusters due to the upward trend of product miniaturization. Micro-forming is one of the micro-manufacturing processes to be widely used in industries for its high productivity, low cost and good properties of the fabricated parts and structures. However, there are many unfathomable and bottlenecked issues from different aspects including innovative process development, process parameter optimization, product quality assurance and properties tailoring. On the other hand, it is very difficult, if not fully impossible, to leverage the data, information and knowledge developed in the traditional macro-scaled manufacturing to micro/nano-manufacturing since they are not fully valid in the downscaled domains. Successfully addressing these issues needs to have an in-depth understanding and scientific insight into the physical essence and nature of the process. The paper published in IJMTM aims at addressing these issues and providing a basis for large-scale application of the process.

Read more at XF Tang, SQ Shi, MW Fu,  Interactive effect of grain size and crystal structure on deformation behavior in progressive micro-scaled deformation of metallic materials, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 148 (2020) 103473.