Congratulations!  A final year project conducted by our Mechanical Engineering (ME) students has been selected by NVIDIA as the Project of the Month in July 2020 in Jetson Community Projects.  The group, consisting of three final year undergraduate students, XU Xinrui, YANG Chen, and ZHANG Yuming, supervised by Dr Henry CHU, worked on a project to design a self-navigating robot for search and rescue. They developed the robot based on a Jetson Nano platform and incorporated signals from LiDAR and camera to guide the robot to move autonomously in an unknown environment.  They had also integrated a robot arm and vision-based algorithms to aid the robot for delivering materials from one location to another as specified on the map.  This project is a very good example to show how the AI technology can be applied to the engineering field.

Every month, the NVIDIA’s Jetson Team reviews the projects uploaded to their forum and selects the outstanding one for the award. Former winners include companies and top universities in US and Europe.

Learn more: NVIDIA > Jetson Community Projects