BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

mode of study: Part-time (Last intake in 2017/18)

This programme aims to provide graduates with an excellent integration of knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in developing high value-added products with top quality. The areas of study include industrial design, engineering sciences, simulation and analysis techniques, prototyping and manufacturing methods, and management techniques, which are delivered via a coherent and well-balanced curriculum.

The programme also aims to ensure that graduates acquire the following specific abilities and skills: an understanding of consumer needs and the ability to benchmark design concepts, formulate and analyze engineering design problems, synergise the knowledge that is required for product development, apply state of the art technology, ensure product quality, communicate effectively in multimedia and work in and efficiently manage a multidisciplinary design.

  • Programme Features and Highlights

    This programme synergises and integrates technology with design and business, and works to fulfil the University’s strategic development of product design in supporting Hong Kong’s drive to become the Asian design hub.

    The curriculum is developed and implemented through the learning-outcome oriented approach, which ensures that graduates acquire specific abilities and skills.

    The programme produces all-round preferred graduates, who are immediately useful to industry but at the same time are able to play important roles in leading local manufacturers to switch from Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) to Original Design Manufacture (ODM), and then to Original Brand Manufacture (OBM).

  • Entrance requirements
    • A Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree in a relevant engineering discipline; OR
    • A Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree in a relevant product design discipline; OR
    • A Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree in applied physics; OR
    • Academic qualifications that are equivalent to the above.
  • Programme Structure

    Years One and Two:

    Students will learn the fundamentals of product design and development technologies, including design theories, engineering design techniques, materials and manufacturing related technologies, system dynamics and control, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and structural design & analysis knowledge.

    Years Three and Four:

    Students will further study advanced product design and development technologies in the forms of Core and Elective Subjects including product design and development management, advanced product manufacturing, testing, safety, reliability, and mechatronics technologies. The Capstone Project will also be conducted.

  • Professional Recognition

    The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in relevant disciplines.