BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

mode of study: Full-time

In order for Hong Kong to sharpen its competitive edge in the export-led international markets, it is of utmost importance for our industries to develop their own brand names as providers of top-quality, trendy and innovative products and engineering systems to vast customers worldwide, much like the labels of luxury goods or prestigious service industries excelled in well-developed countries. This pressing need has been transforming the Hong Kong industries from low-cost Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to high-value-added Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), and to the ultimate target of being creativity-led and innovation-driven Original Brand Manufacturers (OBMs) so as to  maintain their success and even perform better in international market share. In order to achieve this transformation, the Hong Kong industries need a whole new breed of design engineers who can synergize engineering with design and business for the development of innovative products and engineering systems, that provide unprecedented experiences and service quality, across the breadth of engineering and design.

The ME Department identifies it is an excellent opportunity to offer an undergraduate programme that matches the educational needs for nurturing new breed design engineers for the transformation of Hong Kong industries to reach excellence in the innovation-driven business worldwide. The design engineers should be able to integrate fundamental engineering and design knowledge and skills, with a particular emphasis on computer- aided product analysis tools, creativity and engineering design processes, aesthetics and human factors, leverage of existing technologies, enterprise skills and industrial experience necessary to bring new innovations to international markets. With this ultimate goal in mind, the BEngPAED programme is designed with the following objectives: 

  1. To provide graduates with excellent integration of knowledge, skills and hands-on experience in developing innovative products and engineering systems with superior quality including engineering design, industrial design, engineering sciences, product analysis and simulation, prototyping and manufacture, entrepreneurship and management, through a coherent and well-balanced curriculum collaboratively developed by ME Department and industry.
  2. To nurture graduates as critical thinkers, effective communicators, and team players and innovative problem solvers such that they are ready to meet design engineering expertise requirements for Hong Kong industries to excel in the innovation-driven business trends worldwide.
  3. To help graduates develop the ability to engage in life-long learning and professional development recognized by professional qualification bodies including the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
  4. To nurture graduates as socially responsible global citizens who are fully aware of global, societal, ethical issues in professional practice of innovative design of products and engineering systems.

The ME Department provides a cooperative education (co-op) option to BEngPAED students so as to help them learn and master the major BEngPAED knowledge more effectively through real-world experiential learning in professional setting. Co-op is a structured method of combining lecture-based education with practical work experience. It essentially falls under the umbrella of WIE but it is distinct in its own right for the involvement of a partnership between industry and ME Department. The co-op option is facilitated through combining summer intern right before the commencement of Year 4 BEngPAED study with ME49003 Capstone Project. Having paired up with an industrial partner, a co-op student is expected to be engaged in an remunerated full-time position and perform the same tasks as a training/entry-level professional in co-op industrial partner’s establishment to gain practical experience. In addition he/she is required to conduct a solo project during co-op period for the fulfillment of ME49003 under joint supervision of an academic staff from ME Department and a supervisor assigned by the co-op industrial partner. He/She will be assessed with respect to the same ME49003 intended learning outcomes for the six academic credits of the subject.

The co-op option promotes early professional development of BEngPAED students. It allows students to take on increasing levels of design engineering responsibility and to use their job knowledge and learning in campus to make contributions to the establishment in which they work. Through such experience the students can keep abreast of the latest trends of industrial innovations required by the customers worldwide.

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted full accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in relevant disciplines.