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2019-10-21 Distinguished Lecture on Nanotechnology in Canada by Prof. Wallace Leung
2019-06-11 ME Scholar lauded with the IAAM Medal 2019 for contributions in advanced materials
2019-06-10 A novel fuel cell system design featured in International Journal of Energy Research
2019-05-28 The 5th ME Research Presentation Competition 2019
2019-05-03 ME Scholar received HKIE Environmental Paper Award
2019-04-30 Staff Retreat in April 2019
2019-04-03 PolyU hosts the first-of-its-kind international Marine Robotics Forum in HK
2019-03-27 PolyU-developed electrostatically charged nanofiber filter ideal for defense against pollutants and viruses
2019-03-21 106th Departmental Advisory Committee Meeting
2019-02-22 ME Staff received Faculty Awards for Outstanding Performance/ Achievement in 2017/18
2019-02-22 ME Department Head and Staff Honoured for Loyal Service
2019-01-16 Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2018/19
2019-01-01 ME Staff Appointed New Editor-in-Chief to Prestigious Elsevier Journal
2018-12-03 ME hosted the 8th East Asia Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Workshop
2018-12-13 ME scholar developed new technology on putting electrostatic effect on nanofibers and using it as an air filter
2018-12-11 Prof. Teik Lim Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors
2018-11-15 ME hosted the 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring
2018-12-05 ME scholar co-authored a paper in Science on high-entropy alloys
2018-10-25 Work-Life Balance
2018-11-12 ME scholar secures research funding from the NSFC key project
2018-09-26 ME researchers unveiled the secret of the flicking of diffusion flames
2018-08-17 Staff Retreat 2018
2018-07-30 PolyU is ranked 29 by ARWU in Mechanical Engineering
2018-07-27 PolyU ME staff advance energy harvesting technology
2018-06-30 Success in securing GRF 2018/19
2018-05-30 The 4th ME Research Poster Competition 2018
2018-04-25 Technical Seminar "Breakthrough on Nanofiber Technologies to Air Purification and Solar Cells" by Ir Prof. Wallace Leung
2018-04-15 ME Scholar won Gold Award in International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
2018-03-09 3 ME Staff received Faculty Awards for Outstanding Performance/ Achievement in 2016/17
2018-03-08 105th Departmental Advisory Committee Meeting
2018-03-06 ME Team Building Social Gathering cum Spring Lunch
2018-03-01 ME scholar’s research work accepted by Physical Review Letters
2018-02-07 Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2017/18
2018-01-12 Departmental Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee Meeting
2017-12-15 PolyU ME Staff Obtained the First Prize in HK CIC Construction Innovation Award 2017
2017-12-06 Staff Retreat in late 2017
2017-12-04 Professor Chan Tat Leung elected Fellow of ASME
2017-11-20 The Mechanical Engineering College of Yangzhou University Visited ME
2017-11-13 ME co-hosts the 17th Asian Pacific Vibration Conference
2017-11-07 Bejan Named 2018 Franklin Institute Award Laureate
2017-10-09 Celebration Lunch Buffet for Prof. Fu Ming Wang, Dr Tang Hui and Dr Zhang Peng’s promotions
2017-09-20 Our Visiting Chair Professor Adrian Bejan Wins 2017 Ralph Coats Roe Medal
2017-09-19 PolyU ME staff received European Senior Research Award
2017-09-05 Patent issued on Method of Producing Dye-sensitized Solar Cell
2017-08-30 Inter-Noise Successfully Held in Hong Kong
2017-08-24 ME Staff Appointed as Guest Professor of State Key Laboratory of China
2017-08-24 ME Scholar Appointed to Key Positions
2017-06-30 Success in securing GRF/ECS 17/18
2017-06-23 ME Staff Appointed to Associate Editor of ASME Journal
2017-06-23 International Symposium on Advanced Boiler Technology and Workshop
2017-06-01 The 3rd ME Research Poster Competition
2017-05-08 ME scholar’s Innovative Bio-inspired System wins TechConnect Global Innovation Awards 2017
2017-04-02 ME Scholars win Gold Award in International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
2017-03-23 ME Celebrates its 80th Anniversary
2017-03-03 Prof. Cheng elected as Director of IIAV
2016-12-07 The Third International Conference on Metallic Materials and Processing
2016-12-15 ME Co-organizes Top Tier International Congress on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE 2017)
2016-11-10 The 1st Outstanding ME Alumni Award
2016-11-02 Work-Life Balance
2016-10-12 The 2016 Andrew P. Sage Best Transactions Paper Award
2016-07-29 ME Scholar predicts evolution of aviation design by a physics law
2016-06-30 Success in securing GRF 16/17
2016-05-31 The 2nd ME Research Poster Competition
2016-05-20 ME Scholar’s research work published in Nature Communications
2016-05-19 Prestigious International Award goes to Ir KK Lo
2016-05-06 Distinguished Scholar Prof. Tong-Yi Zhang joins ME Department
2016-04-29 ME Scholar named first HK SAE International Fellow
2016-04-20 ME Scholar’s publication on Journal of Fluid Mechanics
2016-04-18 ME Scholar appointed as Chairman of International Delegation on Filtration
2016-03-18 ME organizes a Knowledge Sharing Session on Non-ferrous Metals applications
2016-03-10 ME scholar secures research funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund exercise
2016-02-29 ME as independent accessor for HKSAR Gov’t Pilot Green Transport Fund
2016-02-24 Department Spring Lunch cum Bowling Fun Day
2016-02-19 ME Scholar receives $3M funding for University Industry Collaboration Project
2016-02-01 ME Staff’s New Editorship to Leading ISI Journal by Elsevier
2016-01-22 Department Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2015/2016
2016-01-06 Staff Retreat 2016
2016-01-05 Patent issued on Multilayer Technology on Nanofiber
2015-12-11 ME Scholar interviewed by CNN on smog mask
2015-12-07 ME Scholar interviewed by Phoenix Satellite Television on jet bag
2015-12-10 Distinguished Scholar Prof. Huajian Gao joins ME Department
2015-11-11 UAV from ME shows potential commercial application
2015-11-02 Alumni visit their alma mater
2015-10-29 Work-Life Balance
2015-10-14 ME scholar successfully secure prestigious grant in the ANR/RGC Joint Research Scheme exercise
2015-09-07 Department’s Recent Success in Research Funding
2015-08-31 Farewell and Best Wishes to Ir KK Lo
2015-08-24 ME Staff Appointed to Associate Editor of Leading ISI Journal by Elsevier in the Field
2015-07-29 ME Staff Appointed to Editorships in Known SCI Journals
2015-07-16 ME co-organizes ASME Fellow Public Lecture
2015-06-17 World-renowned Engineering Professors invited as Visiting Chair Professors
2015-06-02 Knowledge Transfer Dinner Talk on Polymers and Lightweight Composites
2015-05-28 ME Scholars developed novel testing system for diabetic foot patient
2015-05-27 The 1st ME Research Poster Competition
2015-05-13 ME Scholar receives Endowed Professorship in Product Design Engineering
2015-05-12 Russian Delegation Visit
2015-05-07 ME Scholar advances nanocomposite technology
2015-05-06 Distinguished Scholar gives talk on Solid Mechanics
2015-04-28 Prestigious Innovation Award from European Union
2015-04-28 ME Scholar bestowed with international lifetime scientific achievement award
2015-03-23 Outstanding Alumnus gives talk on Combustion
2015-03-12 ME hosts seminar on Airport Runway Design and Operation
2015-02-25 ME Reunion Lunch Gathering
2015-02-24 Springer Monograph authored by ME Scholar
2015-01-16 Department Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2014/2015
2015-01-07 Staff Retreat 2015
2015-01-06 Grants received for Aerospace research
2014-11-15 ME Staff honored a Global Education Award
2014-10-25 The 4th East Asia Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Workshop
2014-10-23 ME Scholar's research breakthrough for commercialization
2014-09-27 Dr Tat Leung CHAN elected Fellow of IMechE
2014-08-26 Hong Kong Scholars Programme
2014-08-11 ME organizes a Dinner Talk on Advanced Composites for Industry
2014-06-06 ME Professor appointed as the IMechE International Vice President
2014-05-05 ME Scholar wins top prizes in Geneva's Invention Expo
2014-03-28 Primary Students spend a day in ME Department
2014-03-20 Department Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2013/2014
2014-03-20 ME professor interviewed by New York Times on Effectiveness of Smog Mask in Combating Pollution
2014-03-14 Departmental Advisory Committee Meeting
2014-03-12 ME Scholar new book publishes in Springer
2014-03-11 New Departmental Overseas Advisory Member
2014-02-26 PolyU ranked 42 in QS World Rankings by subject in Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering
2014-02-21 ME academics awarded research recognitions
2014-02-20 ME Scholars receives the Most Active New Consultant Award
2014-01-07 Staff Retreat 2013/2014
2013-11-21 ME Department sponsored the 3rd International Symposium on Aircraft Airworthiness in France
2013-10-15 ME staff speaks on Product Acoustic Design and Technology in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2013
2013-10-02 Award Ceremony for FASME
2013-09-27 Professor CHENG Li elected Fellow of IMEchE
2013-09-27 Professor Wallace Leung elected Fellow of AICHE
2013-09-17 PolyU hosts Young Leadership Conference for engineers and students
2013-09-05 ME scholar honoured with UGC Teaching Award
2013-07-11 Professor Wallace Leung elected Fellow of ASME
2013-07-03 ME Scholar receives Best Paper Award in an international conference
2013-07-02 Achievements in Recent Research Funding Exercises
2013-05-29 Department Staff-Student BBQ Gathering
2013-05-22 New Chair of Departmental Advisory Committee
2013-05-19 Professor Alan Kin-tak Lau elected as Fellow of The Royal Aeronautical Society
2013-05-16 ME Scholar bestowed with National Award
2013-03-27 ME’s engagement in new deal with China Academy of Space Technology
2013-03-25 Invited Seminar on Modern Advanced Composites Technologies for Aircraft Design
2013-03-18 Professional Training Course to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry on “Aircraft Composites and Their Damage Assessment”
2013-02-22 Several awards go to ME academics
2013-01-04 Staff Retreat 2012/2013
2012-12-19 Distinguished Scholar to give seminar on “Nanomechanics of Engineering and Biological Systems”
2012-12-14 Department of Mechanical Engineering Mentorship Dinner 2012/2013
2012-11-28 Distinguished Chinese Scholar to give public lecture
2012-11-14 Professor Cheng elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America
2012-09-07 The 1st International Education Forum on Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
2012-07-04 ME Scholar the 1st Greater China recipient of ‘Structural Health Monitoring - Person of the Year Award’
2012-06-14 Outstanding Professional Services Awards 2011
2012-06-14 Prof. Cheng appointed as an Associate Editor of JASA
2012-06-01 International invention award goes to ME academic
2012-05-25 Faculty of Engineering Outstanding Awards 2011/2012
2012-04-05 ME co-hosts Symposium on Advanced Technology in Energy Systems for a Quality Environment
2012-04-03 ME Scholar wins Outstanding Paper Award at International Conference
2012-03-23 Visit Taiwan for Development of Aeronautical Engineering and Aviation Curriculum
2012-03-22 ME Alumnus's Story