Current Students

Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme aims at establishing a caring and supportive relationship between PolyU alumni, partners and friends of PolyU (mentors) and undergraduates (mentees) to achieve the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the educational, social and personal growth of mentees
  • To develop mentees' fullest potential, vision and aspirations for the future
  • To enhance mentees' future professional and career development
  • To help groom mentees to become preferred graduates
  • To empower mentees to face challenges in society

Who can be Mentors

All PolyU alumni, professionals, potential employers of our students and social dignitaries are invited to participate.

Role of Mentors

Mentors will serve as advisors, coaches and counsellors by sharing experience with mentees on social and communication techniques, leadership and management skills and advising mentees on issues related to their academic and personal growth and development.

Undergraduates can gain valuable knowledge from mentors so that they can learn to appreciate wider aspects of experience outside the classroom.