Academic Staff

Name   Title Area of Specialization
AN Liang (Dr)
Assistant Professor Thermofluid; Energy conversion and storage technologies; Advanced materials
CHAN Tat Leung (Prof.)
Professor Multiphase and multicomponent complex systems with micro- and nanoscale; Aerosol science & technology; Combustion & emissions formation; Transport and formation of nano/microparticles and gaseous pollutants; On-road vehicle emission measurement, control and modelling techniques; Thermal-fluids science & engineering.
CHEN Guohua (Prof.)
Associate Vice President (Research Support), Otto Poon Charitable Foundation Professor in Smart and Sustainable Energy, Chair Professor of Energy Conversion and Storage Advanced electrode materials for energy storage; electrochemical technologies for energy and environmental applications; drying of high value products.
CHENG Li (Prof.)
Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering Noise and vibration control; Fluid-structure interaction; Damage detection and smart material/structure/products
CHEUNG Chun Shun (Prof.)
Professor Internal combustion engine; Engine emissions
CHOY Yat Sze (Dr)
Associate Professor Sound induced vibration; Duct noise control; Building and room acoustics; Environmental noise measurement and control; Aeroacoustics; Sound Sources identification; Sound quality of product and its assessment; Soundscape study, planning and design
CHU Kar Hang, Henry (Dr)
Assistant Professor Robotic manipulation; Vision-based control and automation; Micro-system design and Tissue engineering
FU Ming Wang (Prof.)
Professor Product design and development; Numerical modelling and simulation; Manufacturing and metal forming; Size effect based micro-mechanics; Damage and fracture in manufacturing and product service.
JIAO Zengbao (Dr)
Assistant Professor Advanced structural materials; High-temperature and high-strength alloys; Nanostructured alloys; Mechanical properties; 3D atom probe tomography
JING Xingjian (Dr)
Associate Professor Frequency domain methods for nonlinear systems (the nCOS function or OFRF based methods); Nonlinear vibration & control (with a bio-inspired approach); Robotics—Analysis, Design & Control (Marine robotics, Construction robots and other bio-inspired robots); Robust learning/control methods; Nonlinear system identification and signal processing; Intelligent computing and optimization
LEUNG Chi Kin, Randolph (Dr)
Associate Professor Computational aeroacoustics and gas dynamics; Wind turbine aerodynamics; Flow-induced sound and structural vibration; Aviation science; HVAC compressor and system design; Product sound and vibration quality
LEUNG Woon Fong, Wallace (Prof.)
Chair Professor of Innovative Products & Technologies Novel Nanofiber technologies in Energy, Environment, and Health applications (Over 32 SCI papers and 7 US patents) 1) Nano-Energy - Nanofiber for Perovskite Solar Cells and Nanofiber for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells. 2) Nano-Environment - Nanofiber Filter for air filtration and Nanofiber photocatalysts for break-down of harmful gases in air and organics in water. 3) Nano-Tissue - Nanofiber for tissue engineering. 4) Nano-Innovations - Nanofibers of composite semiconductor with embedded Graphene. 5) Filtration and Separation (chemicals, mining, food, industrial, water and wastewater treatment). 6) Centrifugal separation/filtration (McGraw-Hill book,1998; 10 new technologies; 36 US patents). 7) Centrifugal separation in Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical processing (Elsevier book, 2007). 8) Flow and Mixing in micro-chambers/micro-channels (7 SCI papers). 9) Health Technologies - Interactive rehab robots, Clinical decision support system, Cancer biomarkers, Osteo-arthritis smart therapy, Blind navigation (6 US patents).
LIU Yang (Dr)
Associate Professor Biomechanics; CFD; Flow-induced vibration and thermal management
Assistant Professor Robotics
RUAN Haihui (Dr)
Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics; Plasticity; Constitutive modeling; Amorphous Materials; Nanomaterials; Impact; Collision and Crashworthiness
SHI San Qiang (Prof.)
Head and Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering Metallic materials; Nuclear materials; Nanotechnology; Environmental degradation of materials; Computational materials design and modeling
SU Zhong Qing (Prof.)
Associate Head and Professor Structural Health Monitoring (SHM); Ultrasonics; Wave Propagation; Sensor and Sensor Network; Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE); Smart Materials and Structures; Advanced Composite Materials
TANG Hui (Dr)
Associate Head and Associate Professor Aerodynamics; Hydrodynamics; Active flow control; Fluid-structure Interaction; Multiphase flow
WEN Chih-Yung (Prof.)
Professor Aerodynamics of hypersonic vehicles; Supersonic combustion; Active flow control; Magnetic fluid flows; Fuel cell technologies
WONG Wai On (Dr)
Associate Professor Laser diagnostics; Structural dynamics; Signal processing
YAO Haimin (Dr)
Associate Professor Solid Mechanics (specialized in Fracture Mechanics and Contact Mechanics); Bio-inspired Mechanics and Materials; Advanced Energy Materials; Nanomechanics
ZHANG Peng (Dr)
Associate Professor Theoretical and numerical combustion; Chemical kinetics; Droplet and spray dynamics; Rarefied gas dynamics
ZHENG Guang Ping (Dr)
Associate Professor Computational materials science; Mechanical properties of nanomaterials; Applications of nanomaterials in energy conversion and storage
ZHOU Limin (Prof.)
Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering; Professor, jointly appointed by Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering; Editor-in-Chief, Composites Communications Advanced composite materials, Nanomaterials and nanotechnology for energy conversions and storages; Smart materials and structures; Structure health monitoring technology
ZHU Jie (Dr)
Associate Professor Structured acoustic materials and metamaterials; Acoustic imaging technology and system; Piezoelectric material and acoustic transducers; Experimental acoustics

LAM Chun Ki (Dr)
Visiting Lecturer (PT) Advanced composite structures; Materials characterization; Nanoclay/polymer composites; Nanotechnology; On-road gaseous and particle emissions measurement
NG Tin Yau (Dr)
Visiting Lecturer (PT) Micromechanics; Computational solid mechanics; Multi-scale modeling of hybrid composites
TAM Wai Yin, Eunice (Dr)
Senior Teaching Fellow Composite and application; Composite manufacturing; Nanocomposite (carbon nanotube/polymer) structure
TANG Elsa (Ir)
Senior Instructor Computer aided design; Computer aided engineering; Product design and management; Basic scientific computing; Supply chain management
Anand VYAS (Dr)
Teaching Fellow Thin film; Nanomaterials materials; Materials characterization; Hard multilayer coatings and their mechanical & tribological properties; High temperature superconductivity

SO, Ronald Ming Cho (Prof.)
Emeritus Professor Turbulence modeling; Fluid-structure interaction; Flow-induced vibration; Direct aeroacoustics simulation; Lattice Boltzmann-type equation
TONG Timothy W. (Prof.)
Emeritus Professor High performance computing of radiative heat transfer; Heat transfer in porous media; Energy conservation; Thermal insulation systems; Thermal control of aerospace systems; Thermal radiation; Heat transfer in fuel cells
XU Qiang (Dr)
Distinguished Honorary Professor of Materials Science and Engineering Materials chemistry; Energy storage and conversion; Porous materials (MOFs, carbons, etc); Nanoparticles; Catalysis; Fuel cells; Batteries; Supercapacitors; Hydrogen generation and storage
ZHANG Tong-Yi (Prof.)
Visiting Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering under the Distinguished Chair Professor Scheme Materials science and engineering, and solid mechanics

LAW K. Y., Anthony (Dr)
Adjunct Associate Professor Particle Measurement Technology, Indoor Air Quality, Scientific Instrumentations, Product Design and Development
WONG Tsun Tat, Eric (Dr)
Adjunct Associate Professor Civil aviation operations and safety; Airport engineering and hazard assessment; Air transport logistics; Aircraft engineering education and training; Marine technology; Quality management of Picture Archiving and Communications System.
ZHAO Guo Tang (Dr)
Adjunct Professor Track dynamics; Track detection technology; Track management and high-speed railway infrastructure engineering research; Ballastless track technology research