BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

In order for Hong Kong to remain competitive in the export-led market, the local industries need to switch their role from a high value-added Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) to an innovative Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) to maximize the profit margin. It is in particular important for them to have their own brand name of top quality products, much like the designer label of other well-developed countries, to maintain a strong competition in the international product innovation market. In order to achieve these goals, heavy emphasis is being placed on the added-value of innovative products, which implies an increasingly urgent need for inter-disciplinary expertise of high-end product design and development.


1. Students who desire to study in BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design (BEngPAED) should apply for admission to the BEng (Hons) Scheme in Mechanical Engineering (JUPAS Code: JS3741). Students admitted into the BEng (Hons) ME Scheme will be studying common foundation during the first two years and then complete the BEngPAED programme in the next two years until graduation.

2. Holders of Higher Diploma/Associate Degree who are seeking for senior year admission to the BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering or BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design programme should submit applications to the respective programmes directly.

  • Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes of BEngPAED

    This unique interdisciplinary programme aims to enable students to synthesize technology, design and business in the development of high quality innovative products. It provides graduates with the fundamental knowledge, skills, techniques and global insight needed to develop creative products that are competitively priced, meet international standards of quality, and can be successfully marketed. The graduates usually serve the community as professional design engineer, engineering designer or product innovation specialist. They are expected to play important roles in evolving Hong Kong’s industry comprising ODM to innovative OBM. Upon completion of the study, graduates from the programme are expected to have:

    • the ability to perform product design engineering by considering market needs, as well as technology and business constraints;
    • the ability to apply scientific, mathematical and engineering knowledge, as well as understanding of market trend and customer need to analyze design engineering problems;
    • the ability to manage product  innovation and development projects; and
    • the ability to master innovation entrepreneurship and develop their own business.
  • Programme Highlights and Structure of BEngPAED

    The programme provides comprehensive education and training in design, development and analysis for engineering and product innovation from which graduates are able to synthesize product design, technology and business to produce successful new products that satisfy market needs. The programme adopts the learning-outcome-oriented, integrative and real-life-design-project-based teaching and learning approaches, helping students to develop their knowledge in engineering innovation, product development and marketing. We help our students to develop their communication, teamwork innovation, project management and self-learning skills. Students are also provided opportunity of extensive practical training through international or local attachment to professional design consultancy firms or industrial R&D departments for 2 to 6 months so as to strengthen their ability of integrating knowledge into design engineering activities in realistic industrial context. Thus, graduates are able to play leading roles in the industry by virtue of their well-balanced education and practical training in design engineering innovation and product development.

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  • Professional Recognition

    The programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in relevant disciplines.

  • Student Activities and Achievements

    To maintain the competitiveness of students, the Department has been encouraging its students to actively participate in a wide range of local and international activities and competitions in order to showcase their talents and creativity as well as to build up their skills and confidence.

    Over the years, ME students shined in many international and national competitions and awards. Their accomplishments offer concrete proof that the Department has succeeded in nurturing students who not only excel in academic areas, but also demonstrate great leadership and problem-solving skills.

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  • Career Prospects

    With our tailor-made education and training in product analysis and engineering design, the graduates can have excellent opportunities to start their career in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors such as, but not limited to, as product design, product analysis, and development, engineering consultancy, environmental engineering, and manufacturing sectors. Because of their ability in integrating engineering with product design and their experience in performing design projects, our graduates are competent to work as design engineer or project coordinator. The programme has provided the graduates with very good foundations in mechanical engineering sciences and their applications to solve engineering problems, and product and system design. Thus, our graduates are also able to start their career as mechanical engineer as well.

    In addition to serving community and industry as professional engineer, developing own business is also a possible career path for our graduates. Making use of their knowledge in business, marketing and product innovation, some graduates start their own business in design and development of new products.

    Our graduates are employable over a wide range of engineering companies in Hong Kong. In the last two years, over 100 companies employed our graduates, some of them employed our graduates every year over the last few years.



    Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications Ltd.

    AP Photonics Ltd.

    ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.

    Audio System Consultants (Asia) Ltd.

    Belton Technology Holdings Ltd.

    Blue Ocean Innovation (HK) Ltd.

    B-Free Technology Ltd.

    Chevalier (Envirotech) Ltd.

    China Overseas Building Construction Ltd.

    Choyce Ltd.

    ETS-Testconsult Ltd.

    Eurofins Digital Testing HK

    Flexport Asia Ltd.

    Fu Hong Kong Industries Ltd.

    GIA Hong Kong Laboratory Ltd.

    H.H. Robertson Ltd.

    Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co Ltd. (HAECO)

    Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd.

    Jetta Co. Ltd.

    Kingdom Majorlink Kiosk Systems Ltd.

    KML Engineering Ltd.

    KONE Elevator (HK) Ltd.

    Lanard Toys Ltd.

    Liebherr (HKG) Ltd.

    Luci Pte Ltd.

    Lysia Marcomm Ltd.

    Mcquay Air-conditioning Ltd.

    Motor Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

    Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd.

    Nixon Technology Co. Ltd.

    North Star Adventures

    Raymond Industrial Ltd.

    Regal Motors Ltd.

    Senko Advanced Components (Hong Kong) Ltd

    SGS Hong Kong Ltd.

    Sun Fat (Holding) Co. Ltd.

    Syniverse Technologies Asia Pacific Ltd.

    The Bean Project Company Ltd.

    The Hong Kong Management Association

    UL International Ltd.

    Vastec Medical Ltd


  • Scholarship

    PolyU recognizes the academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through offering different types of scholarships to our students. Detailed information can be found from the website of PolyU Centre STARS (Student Advancement & Resources). 

    In recent years, outstanding students of Department of Mechanical Engineering are successfully in competing for scholarships.  Below is a list of scholarships that awarded to ME students in recent years.


    A&P Scholarship
    Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE Scholarship
    Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation Scholarship
    Chiang Chen Overseas Exchange Scholarship
    CLP Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
    Cobelco Industrial Supplies Ltd. Scholarship
    Department of Mechanical Engineering Scholarship for Hall Residents
    Dr. Ng Tat-lun Memorial Scholarship
    Education Scholarships Fund - Lions Club of North Kowloon Scholarship
    Fuji Xerox [Hong Kong] Limited Scholarship
    Fung Scholarship
    Gigi AU-YEUNG Chi Ting Scholarship
    HASEL Scholarship
    HKCC Scholarship for PolyU Articulation
    HKSAR Government Scholarship
    HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Reaching Out Award
    HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Talent Development Scholarship
    HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Targeted Scholarship
    Hong Kong Plastic Manufacturers Association Scholarship
    Lam Sze Ming Scholarship
    Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Scholarship
    Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited Scholarship
    Postgraduate Scheme in Engineering Type I Scholarship
    REC Engineering Company Limited Scholarship
    Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship
    The Hong Kong & Kowloon Engineering Employers Association Limited Scholarship
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entry Scholarship (Academic)
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarship
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – APEC Entry Scholarship
    The Hongkong Electric Company Limited Scholarship
    Wong Tit-shing Student Exchange Scholarship