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ME students won the Second Prize and the CC-Link Special Award in the 11th “Mitsubishi Electric Cup”

A team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering students has recently won the Second Prize and the CC-Link Special Award in the 11th “Mitsubishi Electric Cup” National Electric and Automation Contest for College Students held in Tianjin, China from 7 to 11 August 2017. Facing and solving various problems while overcoming difficulties, the PolyU team competed against 70 participating teams, winning tremendous praise from experts in automation and students from other universities.

Co-organized by the Chinese Association of Automation and Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co. Ltd., the contest aimed at enhancing students’ ability and creativity through incorporating theories of automation technologies into practical applications. Contesting teams were requested to design and build a set of innovative devices or models by making use of relevant automation products of Mitsubishi Electric. Based on the theme “Internet Plus Intelligent Manufacturing”, the designed products had to follow the development trend of automation technology and could well utilize the latest technologies of the Internet.

The PolyU team of four Mechanical Engineering students (SUN Yixiao, JI Yuan, LEE Chia-hang and ZHOU Zhuangyu) and two Electronic and Information Engineering students (YANG Jingrui and ZHOU Qihuan) had designed a robotic automatic parking system, aiming to solve the problem of lack of parking space supply in developed cities. The system was designed to be fully automatically operated, facilitated with Internet technologies to serve the customers or share information between devices and systems.

The Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup was first launched by Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co. Ltd. in 2007. The contest not only provides an innovative and practical platform for students to realize their creative ideas with the advanced Mitsubishi Electric automation products but also improves students' abilities of automation product application and enhances their practical skills by applying what they have learnt. The annual Mitsubishi Electric Automation Cup is further divided into two contests ─ Automation Innovative Design Contest and Automation System Application Contest, which take place in alternate years.