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Best Paper Award-AWMFT 2016

In the ‘9th The Asian Workshop on Micro-Nano Forming Technology (AWMFT)’, Dr. Jilai Wang under the supervision of Dr. Mingwang Fu has received a "Best Paper Award" for his paper titled "Comparison of influence of size effects and plastic gradient hardening on springback behavior in microbending process".

The paper investigates the interaction between two effects, namely, size effects and plastic strain gradient on springback behavior in microbending process.  A free U-microbending experiment was conducted and a mixed constitutive model was proposed to explore the fundamental mechanism of springback behavior in microbending process.

The Asian Workshop on Micro-Nano Forming Technology (AWMFT) is a part of an exchange program organized by CSTP (China Society of Technology of Plasticity), JSTP (Japan Society of Technology of Plasticity), KSTP (Korean Society of Technology of Plasticity) and TSTP (Taiwan Society of Technology of Plasticity). The workshop focuses on the various aspects of micro/nano forming technology and provides a chance for academics, researchers and engineers to meet and exchange information on all aspects of micro/nano forming technology. After being initiated in 2007, the workshop has been in-rotation held in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan for eight times. This year, the 9th Asian Workshop on Micro-Nano Forming Technology (AWMFT 2016) by Harbin Institute of Technology and Shandong University at University Hotel in Jinan city, China from 27 to 30 October 2016.