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ME Students Visit HAESL

Students are showing unprecedented enthusiasm in aerospace engineering and aviation. Motivated by this, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has decided to continuously consolidate her current Aviation Stream to a new height and actively establish new programme in this area.  Recently, the Department has arranged a group of students to visit Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Ltd. (HAESL).

Hong Kong’s needs in aeronautical engineering and aviation industry desperately require qualified graduates to cope with the future requirement in this aspect. However, at this moment, there is no any local university offering any programme pertaining to aeronautical engineering and aviation. Qualified education in this aspect is highly insufficient in Hong Kong, becoming a bottleneck for the sustainable development of aeronautical engineering and aviation industry in Hong Kong. Using the aerospace engineering and aviation programme as a springboard, ME has confidence to attract high-calibre students from both local and overseas.

Amongst those initiatives to strengthen the development in this area, ME has recently invited aeronautical and aviation professionals to give lectures to keep students abreast of latest technological advances. In addition, periodical visit to local aviation industry is another highlight of this programme. As one recent example, ME students visited Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Ltd. (HAESL) on 6 April 2011. The visit offers student a previous and unique opportunity to approach real industry and assist comprehension of knowledge learnt from class. The visit has also created some job opportunities to these students.