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ME Student Team wins the 1st runner-up in ASME Student Design Competition Finals 2016

A team of BEng in Mechanical Engineering students won the 1st runner-up in The 2016 ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Student Design Competition held on 13 November 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

ASME Student Design Competition Finals is a famous international student design competition which is hosted by ASME and sponsored by Boeing every year.  The theme of 2016 ASME Student Design Competition is “Manufacturing The Future”.

ME students Mr. LI Man Kit, Mr. SIU Siu Wai and Mr. TSANG Chee Fung, led by Ir Dr. Curtis Ng of ME Department, have designed and built a battery-powered, model-sized full automation manufacturing system that fired paper projectiles through the air from single sheets of A4 paper.  Judges in the competition assigned a score to the university based on the total distance traveled by the three projectiles divided by the volume of the projectile system.  The student team competed in a field of 17 District Champion teams from colleges and universities around the world, and won the 1st runner-up award.

“The Student Design Competition challenged the ability and aptitude of this world’s future engineers to design a model of a functional manufacturing system,” said K. Keith Roe, president of ASME.

The competition, including finalists from regional events held during the course of 2016, was held in conjunction with the ASME’s 2016 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.