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6-day Japan Study Tour 2016

A group of 40 undergraduate students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering took a journey to Japan for a 6-day study tour from 29 May to 3 June 2016.

The objective of the study tour is to provide opportunities for the students to see at first-hand the key steps in design and engineering activities of some world leading brands by paying visits to their manufacturing plants or offices. In addition, it aims to broaden students’ horizons and international perspectives.

The Department has arranged a wide variety of visits for students to learn out of the classroom. Students visited two factory sites of Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Wakayama Factory which focuses on the manufacturing of higher power air conditioning (up to 180 horse powers), chiller, compressor and heat pump. The natural integration of technological know-how from these specialized air conditioning plants has led to the development and manufacture of highly efficient products and systems. At Mitsubishi Shizuoka Factory, students were introduced with the pilot run production lines of the domestic use refrigerator and air conditioning system.

During the tour, students had the chance to pay a visit to the Faculty of Engineering and the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology of Shizuoka University. Students were able to meet with some graduates of Shizuoka University's Faculty of Engineering who go on to participate in innovative research and development and play an important role in industry. Lab tour was also arranged at the Research Institute of Green Science and Technology to understand more about green innovation for waste management, generation and utilization of renewable energy and creation of new biotechnology through fundamental and applied research. The interflow activity with counterparts at Shizuoka University also provided students an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with local students on design and mechanical engineering.

The visit to Nikon Kumagya Factory provided students with the state-of-the-art technology and the Step-and-Repeat Scanning System for producing semiconductor lithography systems in Japan at its primary production plant in Kumagaya.

The study tour was a fruitful and enjoyable experience for students. The interactive activities during visits to organizations and plants in different nature provided students an excellent learning experience in both their mechanical engineering and product design studies.