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ME Students serving the community with Engineering knowledge

A group of ME students applied their knowledge to design a game for low-income families to help the children develop their interest and potential in Engineering.

The Boy’s & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong co-organized with five Shatin Secondary and Primary schools to hold an activity namely “Fuel Your School” on 30 January 2016. With the theme of “STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Maths” this year, eight ME students studied Mechanical Engineering and Product Analysis and Engineering Design designed and setup a Tumblewing Glider game for over 100 students and parents from low-income families.

The students provided step-by-step instruction to teach participants how to build and fly a tumblewing glider. It was aimed to demonstrate fundamental Engineering principle to the participants through this fun-filled and interactive activity, and hence to arouse their interest in Engineering.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to nurturing students’ all-round development. Students are always encouraged and inspired not only to pursue academic excellence, but also develop a sense of social responsibility through community engagement. The students’ enthusiasm and contribution on the day are very much appreciated.