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PAED Alumnus wins Prestigious International Product Design Award

Mr KWOK Siu Lun Alan, a graduate from BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design (PAED) programme, has won The Winner Award and The Honorable Mention Award at the prestigious Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2014, presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Wesfalen in Essen, Germany. His winning products are now collected and displayed in the two Red Dot Museums in Germany and Singapore.

Globally recognized as the “Oscar Academy Award of the field of product design”, the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design has emerged as one of the most sought-after quality marks for excellence in product design since 1955. It offers designers around the globe an opportunity of comparing performance and quality on an international level. The competition is open to design-oriented companies and manufacturers of all kinds of industrial products including, but not limited to, furniture, household appliances, consumer electronics, machinery and robotics, vehicles and their accessories, information technology and tools. In 2014, a total of 4,815 products from 53 countries were handed in to the competition. The international jury comprises 40 recognized designers, design engineers, professors and specialized journalists for ensuring the highest degree of objectivity when selecting the winning designs.

Utilising the principle of the centrifugal force, The Winner Award winning product, namely “Squarish Salad Spinner”, dries salad leaves, vegetables and fruit efficiently. It works by means of an innovative gear rack and a coupling mechanism that can be activated with little effort, and prevents irregular spinning of the inner basket. By allowing water to drain at the corners, the square shape of the salad spinner also follows a functional design approach. The notched flat lid allows comfortable handling. In addition, a brake stops the rotation at the push of a button.

The Honorable Mention Award goes to his “Swift Drum Grater” idea which features four stainless steel drums: a slicer, a cheese grater as well as a fine and a coarse vegetable grater. When not in use, the stackable housing serves as a clean storage place for the drums. The product name discloses the principle of expedient use as the drums are easy to insert and remove. Thus, safe use is ensured even with slippery hands. The brand-specific suction base additionally increases a safe stand.

These two international Awards not only marks Mr KWOK's great accomplishment but also exemplifies the successful achievement of the Department’s educational mission for PAED Programme: to nurture graduates who can synthesize technology and aesthetics in serving customers' needs, starting from generating creative product concepts, through rigorous functionality analyses and engineering design of viable solutions, to their effective realizations up to international quality.