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ME Student wins 1st place in The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition

Student LI Chak Hong of BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering has recently won the 1st place in The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition (Beijing 2014).

The Competition, held from 7 to 13 August 2014 in Beijing, is designed to model an international student competition with an aim to cultivate innovation and intercultural communications of undergraduate students from the Mainland China and Hong Kong region.  Participants in teams of four are required to generate innovative plan under the topic of either Spaceflight or Aviation. 

The competition adopted an approach of assigning the project and work requirements only at the onset so that contesting teams were not allowed to prepare any work beforehand but only to come up with a solution and to prepare for a report and presentation in a short duration.

Student LI Chak Hong grouped with two students from Beihang University and one student from The City University of Hong Kong. Their winning project, namely “Weather Control Satellite – We Change the Sky” investigated a new and innovative usage of satellite to change the weather such as precipitation and typhoon.  Their Weather Control Satellite system consists of three main systems: cloud locating system, femtosecond laser and attitude adjustment system.  By making use of the theory of laser induced water condensation and the data collected from experiment of decay of laser intensity in atmosphere and cloud layer, the team suggested a possible way to achieve the precipitation control, thunderstorm management and elimination of natural disasters.  Their brilliant idea with solid engineering knowledge as well as excellent presentation skills brought them the 1st place in the Spaceflight category of the competition. 

This year, more than 60 non-local students from 19 universities, including The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The City University of Hong Kong, to form teams with students from Beihang University and presented their projects in front of the judging panel consisted of professors from Department of Aerospace Engineering and Department of Astronautics of Beihang University.