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ME teams demonstrate entrepreneurial spirits in a business plan competition

ME students in two multi-disciplinary teams have both received the Merit Awards for Innovation in the Global Student Challenge (GSC): PolyU Pre-Challenge 2012/13 with their innovative ideas on products and services.

The competition is a business/development plan competition which aims to stimulate students’ innovation potential and provide them with a platform to translate their creative ideas into sound business ventures. Contestants were required to prepare and present their innovative business ideas to a panel of judges comprising of renowned entrepreneurs, business executives, school principals, university professors and venture capitalists from Hong Kong and overseas.

With their business plan “Mirror Action”, Double Degree final year students HUEN Shuk-yee and SIU Chung-man teamed up with students from ISE and SHTM won the Merit Award for Innovation. Another Merit Award went to the team consists of Mechanical Engineering Year 2 student MA Mengran, Product Analysis and Engineering Design final year student SUN Xiaoxuan and students from AF and LMS for their creative idea “Urban Nap Solution”. Their accomplishments offer concrete proof of students’ great creativity and problem-solving skills.


Mirror Action - a solution provider in the field of “Edutainment”, focusing on creativity enhancement. Its main product is a smartphone app, which intends to develop users’ creativity through daily touch, consists of five parts including creativity assessment, creativity knowledge, creativity enhancement games, daily inspiration sharing and further training information.

Urban Nap Solution – Napsule, is a capsule for nap, is designed with an aim to provide a better napping condition in a private space. Target customers will be educational institutions, offices and transportation centers.