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ME student team wins third place in International Engineering Design Contest

With their innovative design for the “Energy-relay cars”, PolyU Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) student team won the third place in an International Engineering Design Contest, which is the second best record since PolyU entered the final round of the international contest ten years ago.

The “Energy-relay cars” are designed by the team composed of three ME students, namely Miss Curie Hau Wing-yi (Team Leader), Miss Chi Yuk-fung and Mr Ng Ka-kui. The four self-propelled mini-cars can complete a relay race on a 12-metre track within six seconds. Each car must contain an on-board energy source and trigger the motion on next one.

After winning the regional round and three months’ training, the team took part in the International Student Design Contest held in Houston in the US on 11 November 2012. Led by Academic Supervisor Ir Lo Kok-keung, the team competed against 16 teams from other universities around the world.

PolyU’s team struck a remarkable result, winning the second runner-up with their unique design for the “Energy-relay cars” and seamless cooperation among the team members.