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Several ME projects win research funding

In the latest tranche of research fund applications, Department of Mechanical Engineering has won more than $2.7 million funding for its three innovative projects.

Prof. Wallace Leung, Chair Professor of Innovative Products & Technologies, has secured an Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) project entitled “Innovation in Wound Dressing for Improved Wound Healing with Minimized Infection” of amount HK$998,991 from Innovation and Technology Commission.  Advanced functional materials made of nanofibers will be incorporated into wound dressing to improve wound care. Testing will be carried out on patients with different wounds in two hospitals in Hong Kong.

Dr. MW Fu, Associate Professor has also secured another ITF project entitled “Squeezing superplastic forming of bulk metallic glasses for electrical components fabrication”, totalling HK$ 998,000.  This ITF project aims at developing efficient squeezing superplastic processing technology to fabricate bulk metallic glasses parts for electrical/electronics applications.

Another project entitled “Investigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Steam Generator Tubing Materials in Nuclear Power Plants” of RMB800,000 has been awarded to Prof. SQ Shi, also Associate Head of ME, by the Shenzhen Government through PolyU Shenzhen Base. The project aims to investigate and to develop preventive strategies for nuclear power plant management especially the degradation of equipment due to corrosion in nuclear power plants which compromising plant integrity and safety. This is the first research grant that the Department has secured through its newly established Shenzhen Base.