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Gifted Students Serving Community with ME Knowledge

A Human Power Water Pump has been designed and tailor-made by a group of Form 5 gifted students to improve their water supply system of a primary school in Mainland China.  The device has just been successfully installed this summer.

The 2010 intake of Gifted Programme for New Senior Secondary Students has come to the final stage.  Since last year, the Department has been holding a series of training workshops and seminars to help 31 gifted students to develop fundamental engineering knowledge and product design skills. A 4-day visit to the Chinese Mainland was organized in July 2010 for the gifted students to interflow with teachers and students of primary schools in a less developed area of Guangzhou in order to understand their current school facilities, culture and environmental problems. 

After observation and discussion, water supply problem was identified and hence the students started working on a design project with an aim to improve the primary school’s water supply system.  Under the instruction and supervision of Department’s academics, the gifted students have finalized their conceptual design and have invented the “Human Power Water Pump” which is powered by a person pedaling a bicycle to pump up the water from an underground well. 

In August 2011, the gifted students visited the primary school again to install their fabricated device.  “It is our objective to cultivate the young generation with positive attitude of environmental protection and social responsibility, together with a development of engineering knowledge.  We are glad to see their creativity can help the primary school to solve their water supply problem.” Supervisor of this project Ir KK Lo, Engineering of Department of Mechanical Engineering said.

Gifted Programme -- “Serving Community with Design and Technology”

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) have jointly launched gifted programmes for New Senior Secondary students.  Being one of the hosting departments, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers its gifted programme, namely “Serving Community with Design and Technology”, to 31 Secondary Four students from 18 local secondary schools.