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ME Students design innovative kitchenware products

With the support of King’s Flair Development Limited, the “Kitchenware Product Design Competition” organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering was successfully held on 1 June on the university campus.

There were total 23 students studying in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Scheme in Integrated Product Development. Among keen competition, the championship went to (from left) Leung Hok-sum, Wong Shui-wah, Tam Wai-yan. Their winning product “Choco Wave” is a cooling board for making chocolate decoration.

The competition aimed at enhancing the creative thinking ability of students in product design and development. Special cooking classes have been arranged for students to understand various cooking processes and gain experience of cooking. They then came up with creative and useful kitchenware products which helped to improve and simplify cooking process.

Participants presenting their ideas and products to the panel of judges. Each award winning team was presented with a cash prize, a trophy and a certificate, together with a prototype of their winning design produced by King’s Flair Development Limited.