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Success in securing GRF/ECS 17/18

In the 2017/2018 results of grants from the Research Grants Council’s General Research Fund (GRF) announced in June 2017, ME’s success rate for the GRF/ Early Career Scheme (ECS) was 30% in 2017/18 exercise. It is thrilled to note that the success rate of our faculty members for ECS was 100%. Six of our GRF/ECS proposals were funded and listed below:


Project Title

Dr AN Liang

Mass and charge transport through the porous photoanode in photocatalytic fuel cells for simultaneous wastewater treatment and electricity generation

Prof. Cheng Li   

Vibroacoustics of Structures with Space-DependentStructural Inhomogeneity: Modelling and PhysicalExploration

Dr Jing Xingjian

Modelling, Analysis & Design of Novel X-shaped Structures for Beneficial Nonlinear Stiffness and Damping Characteristics

Prof. LEUNG Wallace Woon-fong

High-efficiency, titanium-graphene composite nanofiber photocatalyst integrated into flexible surfaces or wearables for improving air purification

Prof SHI San-Qiang

Investigation of the Evolution Kinetics of Porous Metals During Dealloying by Phase-field Method

Prof SU Zhongqing

A New Research Framework for Quantitative Characterization of Disorderedly Clustered Pitting-type Damage in Engineering Structures: A Bottleneck Breakthrough of Guided-wave-based Detection for Multitudinous Damage

Congratulations to those colleagues who were successful in securing a GRF/ECS grant in this round.