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ME as independent accessor for HKSAR Gov’t Pilot Green Transport Fund

In February 2016, Prof. CS Cheung, Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, and his team members won a Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (HKEPD), HKSAR tender on the Provision of Services to Monitor and Evaluate the Performance of Innovative Green Technology under Trial of Pilot Green Transport Fund.

HKEPD set up the HK$300 million Pilot Green Transport Fund to encourage transport operators to try out green and innovative transport technologies, contributing to better air quality and public health for Hong Kong. Once a fund application is approved, the successful applicant is required to sign a Subsidy Agreement (the Agreement) with the Government and conduct the trial of the innovative green technology in accordance with the approval conditions stipulated in the Agreement, normally for a period of two years. The successful applicant is also required to provide a conventional vehicle to compare with the innovative green technology under trial.

To ensure that trials conducted under the Fund comply with the approved conditions in the Agreement, and to verify the environmental performance of the new technology under trial, HKEPD has to commission a qualified team as an independent third party assessor to monitor the trials and evaluate the performance of the innovative green technology under trial as compared with its conventional counterpart.

This is the second time that the team led by Prof. Cheung won the tender for providing the monitoring and evaluation services to HKEPD, with a total award of more than HK$2,000,000.