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ME Scholar receives $3M funding for University Industry Collaboration Project

Prof. Wallace Leung, Chair Professor of Innovative Products and Technologies in The Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been recently awarded with a University Industry Collaboration Project (UICP) with a funding amount of HK$3.136 million. Half of the project costs are sponsored by the Hong Kong Innovation Technology Commission and the other half by Avalon Nanofiber Limited.

The project is to further carry out research and development on one of Prof. Leung’s research areas pertaining to use of nano-materials to improve the multilayer nanofiber technology platform for use in environmental and health protection. Specifically, three areas will be further developed (a) nano-photocatalyst for conversion of harmful gases (such as volatile organic compounds, NOx, etc.) to harmless substances; (b) electrostatic charging of nanofibers to enhance filtration of nano-aerosols, and (c) improved chitosan nanofibers properties.

The project has started as of 1 January 2016 and will finish in a two-year period. Additional research personnel will be recruited for the project. For the past 10 years, Prof. Leung interests among others are in nano-energy, nano-environment and nano-health.

In 2014, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has signed a commercialization and collaboration agreement with Avalon Nano-biotech limited and has started up Avalon Nanofiber Limited for the research on the nanofiber technology platform developed by Prof. Leung.