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ME Staff’s New Editorship to Leading ISI Journal by Elsevier

Dr. Zhongqing Su in the ME Department is appointed the Subject Editor to Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV) – a leading international journal published by Elsevier, covering a wide spectrum of fundamental research and applications pertaining to vibration, wave propagation, control, acoustics, inverse problem and signal processing. Highly ranked in the field according to ISI Web of Knowledge, JSV is a prestigious international journal and well recognized as a flagship journal in this field.

As a subject editor, Dr. Su handles submissions pertaining to Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Dr. Su has been working in the area of guided-wave-based SHM over the years. With more than 110 international journal papers (including a number of them on JSV) along with a similar number of papers included in international conference proceedings, Dr. Su is an active researcher in this field. In particular, one of Dr. Su’s papers on JSV (295(3-5):753-780) is the No. 2 Most Cited Article on this journal (2006~2012), the No. 1~3 Hottest Paper, and consistently on the top of a list of most downloaded papers on JSV (source: Elsevier). This paper is one of the only two Highly Cited Papers (in the past 10 years) pertaining to Lamb waves (source: Essential Science IndicatorsSM, ISI Web of Knowledge).

Apart from this editorship, Dr. Su is also an Associate Editor to Ultrasonics – another leading journal published by Elsevier, the only internationally established journal which covers the entire field of ultrasound research and technology and its applications. Both editorships have shown the recognition from peers on the research group in PolyU working on fundamental research and engineering applications in the field of guided-wave-based SHM.