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Knowledge Transfer Dinner Talk on Polymers and Lightweight Composites

The Department of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with Sika Hong Kong Limited organized a dinner talk on “Polymers and Lightweight Composites for Engineering Applications” on 2 June 2015.  

Recently, the use of weather-proof polymers and lightweight composites (carbon fibre/glass fibre reinforced polymers) for civil infrastructure applications has gained much attention due to their high stiffness to weight ratio, non-corrosion properties, possibility of joint-less designs and self-structural heath monitor-ability that make structures versatile and safe. With the consideration of environmental consciousness, the use of composites can alleviate the pressure from expensive fuel price and reduce the carbon footprint during transportation, installation and operation stages in all engineering projects. 

In view of the aforementioned issues, the Department of Mechanical Engineering held a knowledge transfer session to share the characteristics and applications of polymers and fibre reinforced polymer composites especially in the construction and building industry.

The talk attracted over 60 senior managements from different industrial sectors to join, including Gammon Construction Ltd., Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Swire Properties Ltd., Leighton, Meinhardt Group, Yau Lee Group, Kumshing Construction Co., Ltd., Green Building Council, Jardine Engineering Corporation, Urban Property Management Ltd., Ka Shui International Holdings Ltd., Disneyland, ARUP, CEED.

The dinner talk began with an opening address by Ir Paul Poon, Managing Director of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.  It was followed by sharing from Prof. Alan KT Lau, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU on the differences of using advanced composites for aerospace/aircraft engineering and construction industries and their key consideration factors in real life practice.

The speaker Mr. Thierrry Berset, Head of Corporate Technical Department of Sika, from Germany delivered new technologies and codes to determine the design of composite-strengthened structures for retrofitting and rehabilitation with due fulfilling the fire-proof requirement. 

After the talk, am instrumental test was conducted to allow the guests to test the strength and properties of new structures. A training workshop will be arranged in late September to allow engineers to practice on how to make and test advanced composite materials.