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Springer Monograph authored by ME Scholar
A monograph, authored by Dr XJ Jing, is recently published by Springer in the series “Understanding Complex Systems” with the Founding Editor: S. Kelso. 
The Springer Series in Understanding Complex Systems series promotes new strategies and paradigms for understanding and realizing applications of complex systems research in a wide variety of fields and endeavors. The series publishes monographs, lecture notes and selected edited contributions aimed at communicating new findings to a large multidisciplinary audience. 
The monograph authored by Dr Jing is a summary of his research focusing on Nonlinear analysis and design in the frequency domain in the past about 10 years. The book addresses fundamental theory and methods related to the analysis and design of nonlinear systems in the frequency domain and presents most of the recent important advances both in theory and applications about the Volterra series approach. The monograph is featured by:
  • A state-of-the-art summary of most important and recent advances in the area of frequency domain methods for nonlinear analysis developed in the past 20 years
  • A systematic frequency domain method for nonlinear analysis and design based on Volterra series expansion, which is of both theoretical and application significance to all those researchers related to nonlinear systems
  • A very novel insight into nonlinear dynamics in the frequency domain, which is different from all the other existing commonly-used methods such as harmonic balance and describing functions
  • Solid analysis and design results which demonstrate how to employ nonlinearity for a better system performance
  • A very engineering point of view, which can facilitate nonlinear analysis and design in practice

This book targets those readers who are working in the areas related to nonlinear analysis and design, nonlinear signal processing, nonlinear system identification, nonlinear vibration control, and so on. It particularly serves as a good reference for those who are studying frequency domain methods for nonlinear systems.
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