The PolyU Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) received a generous donation from Philip K. H. Wong Foundation for the enhancement of the BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design programme (PAED) engaging in real industrial learning.

The perspective of the PAED programme is to train up our mechanical engineering students on product development and analytical skills. It involves a lot of hands-on and project-based trainings to get our students ready for real industrial participation.

In 2019/20 academic year, PAED has launched the “Cooperative Education” (Co-op) option for students to grip the pragmatic knowledge through real-world experiential learning in professional and industrial setting.

While we are having more co-op relationships with industrial entities and engaging in more product development trial projects for the students, we are in need of resources to gear up our students before setting off on the Co-op working. That involves an establishment of a product development workshop, where hardware and software facilities are the requisites. Special training on product design and development will be emphasized. Furthermore, students will have the opportunities to practice and elevate their skills through an innovative PAED contest.

The department expressed sincere gratitude to Philip K. H. Wong Foundation for donating a funding of HK$1.5 million to sponsor the above Co-op initiative, which will benefit the PAED students in the coming two years.