Alumni Sharing

HO Lok Hang
2017, BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Trainee, ATAL Engineering Limited

Have you ever thought about how faucets bring you water or how air conditioners generate cool or warm air?

Without adequate knowledge, how can we be capable of designing and building different facilities and equipment?

Welcome to the PolyU Department of Mechanical Engineering. During the course of my studies in the past few years, I have the same goal as other schoolmates – striving for a higher GPA. Yes! This is one effective way to show how well you have learnt and how exceptionally prepared you are for your future. To me, I have interpreted GPA as “Gathered, Patient and Aggressive”.


Some people prefer working alone because they may reckon that others would obstruct their learning progress. However, I believe your schoolmates can be your support and motivation to keep you moving forward. Through discussions and cooperation, you will discover the fun of studying with your peers and develop deeper understanding of the programme. .


As a university student, you delve into different concepts and explore as much as you can. Do not feel disappointed when you encounter problems. Instead, I encourage you to put more effort patiently on the things you have never come across. Believe it or not, eventually you will not only solve the problems, you will be able to grasp the main concepts and also grow your knowledge thoroughly.


Instructors and teachers are your learning partners. Be an aggressive student! Ask your instructors whenever you have questions in your mind. I am sure that they are always happy to guide you to the right direction.

You will be proud of yourself once you equip yourself with professional skills and knowledge in your university studies

I am now a Graduate Trainee at ATAL Engineering Limited. I never stop learning every day in my work.

Hope all of you have a treasurable and fruitful university life at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of PolyU.

LEUNG Yue Tong
2017, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Mechanical Engineer, ASM Technology Hong Kong Limited

The PolyU BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design programme has well equipped me for my career development in design engineering. The programme focuses not only on engineering theories and basics, but also the practical skills for decision-making and problem-solving in all stages of product development and design engineering projects.

I joined ASM Technology Hong Kong Limited after graduation as a mechanical engineer.  Currently, my job involves engineering design of semiconductor processing equipment. The BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design programme has provided me with engineering knowledge from different fields, as well as the skills for the integration of real projects. What I have learnt closely matches the needs of my job now. The programme offers courses on mechatronics, mechanics of materials, design for manufacturing, etc., which are all important for me in handling engineering design and coaches me for future career development.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has also provided many opportunities for me to gain hands-on experience in engineering projects. The projects cover different product development stages, including market research, engineering design and analysis, and prototype making. The practical experience I have attained during my undergraduate study enables me to be a fast-learner in my current position and apply my technical knowledge effectively.

The PolyU BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design programme has paved my way and shown me the path to a bright professional future. I am glad to have taken up this life-changing experience.

LUI Ka Wing
2015, Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Graduate Trainee, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited

“My most memorable and interesting experience during my university life is a self-directed group project with guidance by a mentor. It was exciting and challenging for us to carry out a series of activities, including product design, rapid prototyping, materials procurement, parts manufacturing, assembly, testing and commissioning, under the time and budget constraints. I enjoyed the teamwork as everyone in our team highly devoted to this project. We solved problems together through discussion, collaboration and inspiration by our mentor. I had a strong sense of satisfaction when our invention came to birth. Also, I really treasure the tighter bond developed between our mentor and us.

I had a fruitful and delightful time in PolyU. PolyU helps sharpen my competitive edges at all levels, from technical knowledge to project management skills. Also, thanks to the arrangement by ME department, I got good chances to broaden my horizons through technical visits to different engineering companies in Hong Kong. PolyU is a place full of resources and opportunities for students to develop their potentials. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all academic and supporting staff in ME department. Thank you for their wholehearted guidance and support.”

SUN Xilin
2015, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Business Technology Consultant

"After graduation, I did a short summer internship in China before joining University of California, Berkeley for my master degree. Now that I have graduated from the master program in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, I am going to work as a Business Technology Consultant in California. My duty will include solving industrial engineering problems for clients which are companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Though my current job nature is not closely related to mechanical product design, it heavily relies on my understanding customer claims and interpreting them into customer needs. I believe this is the most useful element I have learnt while studying in PolyU for the PAED degree.

My experience at PolyU has taught me how to communicate with clients who know little about engineering technologies, and identify their needs, how to design a number of different concepts to solve a problem, how to assess and select the best one, and how to quickly develop and test prototypes for a design concept. With such approach in mind, I am not afraid of taking on and applying new techniques in unfamiliar fields. The approach is much more universal and useful than specific engineering tools. Try to apply what you have learnt in a seemingly unrelated field and the results can be rewarding."

NG Yuen Chi Vincent
2015, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Engineer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (HK) LTD.

"ME department have solid network in various engineering field which students could gain trust in HK engineering society, and, provides comprehensive development to students by public competitions, company and college visit, practical training."

HO Wai Ip
2015, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Trainee, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

"In PolyU, ME department offers lots of practical and theoretical subjects which are highly related to the work of most my classmate and myself. These subjects include the field of thermodynamic, fluid, mechanics, energy, automation and etc. are designed from elementary to advanced level. While studying in ME department, I can be well-equipped to an all-around person with the aid from ME’s professors and teaching fellows. I can say that the knowledge learn in ME department is not only suits for CLP, but also fits for other consultancy, contractor and even building services related companies.

Studying in ME is not fun but challenging. The lucky thing is that you will tackle this discipline with your friends. The most unforgettable memory is that we studied together, we played together, we shouted together and finally we can work together."

2015, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Aerodynamics/Design Engineer, Hyperloop UC

"After having done my bachelors, I continued my education and took up the Masters degree in ME at PolyU. I took part in the Masters exchange program with University of Cincinnati in the US and did a dual degree there in ME as well.

One of the most useful element during my bachelors studies was the exposure to various industrial manufacturing methods and the softwares used in the industry, i.e. the IC courses. This provided me with a broad range of knowledge of different manufacturing methods which aided me in designing the different components of the Hyperloop. Moreover, the trainings on softwares packages such as ANSYS gave me the tools and know how of utilizing them to design better and conduct simulations which gave me the edge over others who had not had prior experience with such advanced softwares.

One of the most memorable times in ME were when we did an IC project during the summer in which we created a hand bicycle for the handicapped. This was a great opportunity to create something from scratch with a team of other students. It involved all the different aspects of engineering, from ideation to design to manufacturing and testing. The application of theoretical knowledge to the project allowed us to get our hands "dirty" and gain more experience by doing. In the end, we created a successful hand trike that was powered by hands and could even change gears from recycled bicycles. The user was delighted and we felt we not only learned a great deal but also gave back to the community through engineering.

TONG Po Chung Anthony
2015, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Trainee, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

"I studied BEng in Mechanical Engineering from 2011 to 2015. Before my graduation, I participated a one-year internship program in aviation industry. I am now participating HKIE Scheme A training as a graduate engineer of a public utility.

The ME study has equipped me with the mechanical engineering fundamentals by regular lectures and the supports from the department and professors. Not only the theoretical knowledge, the ME study also gave me some practical practice by IC training and different projects. Both the theoretical and practical knowledge gave me the ability to learn and apply more effectively during my Scheme A training.

With the support from the ME Department, I was successfully selected into a one-year engineering internship program during my study. I had the chance to work in a famous aircraft manufacturer in USA, and two HK companies in aviation industry. This program has broadened my horizon and equipped me with different engineering skills and knowledge which help me a lot in the final year and my career.

PolyU ME gave me not only the foundation of Mechanical Engineering but also a joyful university life. PolyU ME alumni have good reputation and I am proud to be a graduate of ME.

CHENG Wai Kee Ricky
2014, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Noon Company, Senior Mechanical Engineer

"The group project, as part of the course requirement of my Master Degree study, provided an opportunity to apply the knowledge in innovative product design and development learnt in the classroom into practice. This effective training helped me understand more in product development and analysis which is essential in my career.”

CHEUNG Kwok Tung
2014, Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Assistant Engineer, Parsons Brinkerhoff

"I am working as an assistant engineer in the company Parsons Brinkerhoff. My working duties include engineering design of different buildings, project management documents, meeting with clients and contractors, testing and commission, etc.

The IC training of the programme of ME department gives me brief idea on engineering design and industrial knowledge. It also helps shorten my Scheme A training period."

CHAN Chi Kit
2014, Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Cadet Pilot, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited

"After graduation in 2014, I was admitted into the Dragonair Cadet Pilot Programme. I am now undergoing my training in Adelaide, Australia and I expect to graduate in December 2015. Upon graduation, after further training back in Hong Kong, I will work as a Second Officer and operate flights on Dragonair's Airbus fleet.

During my study at ME Department of PolyU, I have developed a systematic way to tackle problems. I find this skill set particularly useful in my career. As aviation is a dynamic industry, I face different situations in my daily life. Having a systematic method to deal with problems helps me positively identify the problems and rectify them using corresponding solutions. This ensures safe and efficient operation."

ZHANG Weiran
2014, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer, Enphase Energy

"I just graduated from a graduate school at University of California, Berkeley. I am going to work as a mechanical engineer in a solar company in US. 

The study at PolyU is very useful for my career development. ME at PolyU has the best machine shop in Hong Kong and the BEng programme offers a broad curriculum that imparts many practical knowledge which is useful in the industry. Also, there are many product competitions on campus available for students. I think they are very useful experiences for ME students to apply their creativity and knowledge into innovative products."

MA Hei Lam
2014, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Research Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU

"I am now a PhD student of PolyU ME and my research interest is in the area of aerospace composite materials. Performing experiments, analyzing results and writing papers to international journals are some of my main duties. I really enjoy studying and working in ME!

My undergraduate study in ME helped me to build a good foundation on materials and engineering. In some PAED courses, I learned about the mechanical properties of different materials and various mechanical testing methods. As I am currently working on composite materials, the knowledge gained in PAED can be applied to many aspects of my project.

I would like to hereby, express my sincere gratitude to the ME Department for nurturing me for my future career in the academic field."

2014, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

"During the time I was studying at PolyU, I met many good professors/tutors who delivered an enjoyable and exciting learning experience. I consider myself is lucky to have an opportunity to study in PolyU."

NG Ka Kui
2013, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer, ASM Technology Hong Kong Limited

"I am so delighted for being a graduate of PolyU Department of Mechanical Engineering. One of the reasons is that the professional knowledge learned from ME supports me to handle a big task in the first week of my job already. The other one is that the manufacturing experiences acquired in IC let me have advantages and differentiate myself from my colleagues who come from other Universities’ ME department. Both are the useful elements for my career development.

The most unforgettable memory during my university study at ME is the opportunity to join the ASME International Student Design Competition 2012 in US arranged by the Department.  It is a very invaluable experience for me to widen my global horizons by exploring the mechanical engineering profession from peers around the world."

TAM Lok Yin
2013, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Trainee, The Hongkong Electric Company Limited

"I am now working for HK Electric as a Graduate Trainee.  I mainly work in Lamma Power Station and responsible for overhaul of different generation units.  During the first year of training, I explored a lot of new things and can make use of my knowledge acquired in PolyU. ME department offered an all round curriculum for undergraduate students. I wish to encourage current students to make use of the resources in PolyU and gear up yourselves. From my observations, many ME students in PolyU are well-equipped with both knowledge and practical experience to compete with students from other colleges. I wish all of you having a bright future and be proud of being a mechanical engineering student of PolyU."

LEUNG Yuen Ting
2013, Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Graduate Engineer Trainee, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited 

"My most unforgettable experience in university life is to join the IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) Programme. I worked as an overseas intern in Eastern Europe for two months and gained solid technical experience in engineering. I also made friends with people from different countries and learned a lot about the foreign culture and lifestyle. The PolyU Mechanical Engineering Programme is very comprehensive. It helps me to build up a good foundation of engineering knowledge and I find it useful and applicable to my job in power industry."


CHAN Chun Yiu Johnson
2013, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Cadet PilotCathay Pacific Airways

"The PAED programme provides both treasured knowledge and practical skills that are very helpful to my career as a pilot. Technical knowledge like aerodynamics, mechanical calculations and material properties have given me a great help in understanding my aviation topics. Different trainings in the programme have also sharpened my way of thinking and independent working style. Every bit I learnt in ME study is useful for my career development. 

I would like to express my warmest appreciation to our department. All of the graduates from 2012 are sincerely thankful to all the professors who have given us support, advice and encouragement. We, either alumni or current students, should treasure the special skills we have been taught. Creativity, craftsmanship, teamwork and effective communication are always the useful tools in career development and pursuing our goals.  

I would like to express my warmest appreciation to our department. All of the graduates from 2012 are sincerely thankful to all the professors who have given us support, advice and encouragement. We, either alumni or current students, should treasure the special skills we have been taught. Creativity, craftsmanship, teamwork and effective communication are always the useful tools in career development and pursuing our goals."

CHAN Shuk Ching
2013, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

"Before I entered the university, I have never thought of joining any exchange programme during my study. However, under the influence of my friends, I joined this programme held by ME Department to Germany in the second semester in Year Two. This was really an interesting and meaningful experience for me to explore more about the world. During this exchange period, I met people from different countries and experienced many interesting and adventurous journeys.

Thanks to Department of Mechanical Engineering, I experienced a valuable and unforgettable learning in these three years university school life. The Department provided me not only a platform to acquire knowledge about mechanical engineering, but also allowed me to meet life-long friends here.

Teachers are not only the one who deliver knowledge to us, but also the one who share their real experiences and provide useful suggestions to us. All these make me believe our department is full of warmth."

KWONG Ming Chun Mario
2012, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Engineer, Gammon E&M Limited

"I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate in 2012. I joined Gammon E&M Limited from July 2012. I currently involve in the MTR project (South Island Line). In this project, I am responsible for TECS design and construction work which include drawings, material submission and site supervision. The ME programme is very helpful to me for my current job in the areas such as structural design, air duct sizing and fan pressure calculation etc. Therefore, I would like to thank the ME department and I hope my junior fellows enjoy their studies and have a wonderful future."

WONG Tsz Ting
2012, BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Research Student, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"I am currently a PhD student in the ME Department at PolyU. My major research areas are Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

PAED is a comprehensive programme which helps cultivate students’ all-roundness.  During my undergraduate study, I learnt not only academic knowledge but also built up personal abilities, such as problem-solving skills, work independence, initiation and time management through a wide range of individual or group projects.

PAED is a comprehensive programme which helps cultivate students’ all-roundness. During my undergraduate study, I learnt not only academic knowledge but also built up personal abilities, such as problem-solving skills, work independence, initiation and time management through a wide range of individual or group projects."

CHAN Wai Yuk
2012, Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering

Trainee Engineer, HAECO

“Throughout the study at PolyU ME, I joined 1-year sandwich program, internship program, Industrial Centre Training, technical visits to companies in different sectors, product design competition and exchange program. All these provide me a platform to exploit my potentials and strengths.

My final year project topic was post-processing properties of composites and several elective courses related to aircraft system were taken. It helped me to understand the aviation industry at first glance and solid foundation of aircraft system. It certainly arouses my interest to develop my career in this field indeed and gives me a helping hand with the daily challenge now.

There are many learning opportunities at ME, the only thing you need to do is take your step forward and enjoy the journey!”

2011, BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Product Engieer, Belimo Actuators Ltd.

 "Currently, I work as Junior Product Engineer in a leading damper actuator-making company. It is about product life cycle management, from market research to define product specification, then manufacturing to testing, and finally market launch and product end-of-life management.

I study Product Analysis and Engineering Design, which involves Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Design. This enriches me with knowledge of different fields and with the practical experience gained from various design competitions. Also, industrial training in the IC Center allows me with broad choice of career development and sharpen my competitive edge.

My most memorable university life is the experience to get involved in organizing and promoting our FYP product in the Houseware Fair booth at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Interesting enough, after one year, when I am seeking a job as a product designer of a kitchenware company, I am noticed that we PolyU ME students did get attention during the exhibition; consequently, I get the offer."

2011, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Engineer, REC Engineering Company Limited

“In academic point of view, the program of PolyU Mechanical Engineering equipped me with solid foundation in the field of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, which help me secure the position in the HVAC division team of my career. Besides, the computer software courses offered by ME definitely benefit my career development in the field of CAD modeling and engineering cases simulations. These software skills are highly applicable to many engineering industries.

In non academic point of view, frequent participation in the group based projects and design projects in ME program allowed us to perform well in team work environment and contribute innovative idea in any cases.

The Department of ME arranges technical visits to many well known engineering companies such as HAECO, MTRC and Government Flying Services  which provide valuable opportunities to ME students to explore the secrete behind these famous companies and learn more about the company background and their operation.”

CHOW Ka Ming
2011, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Engineer, Ove Arup and Partners (HK) Limited

“The knowledge in thermodynamics and fluid dynamic learnt during my time in ME Dept helps me a lot for my current work in an engineering consultancy firm. The studies in heat transfer and HVAC system can assist me to familiar and propose the green building strategies.”

LAI Wai Ian
2011, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Engineer, Parsons Brinckerhoff

 "I currently worked in Parsons Brinckerhoff as an Assistant Engineer.

Being a member of a team that provides HVAC consultancy services, I am glad that relevant practical and fundamental knowledge has been gained through courses like Thermofluids, Fluid Engineerings and some other core subjects. Yet, the experience of getting my own projects involved in the public, or even international competitions should not be ignored. Broadening students' eyesight, stimulating students' creativity, bringing up students' leadership skill, projects and competitions throughout my ME study awarded me all of these invaluable elements, which cannot simply get by reading books or studying theories."

WONG Hei Nam
2011, BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Graduate Engineer, Ove Arup and Partners (HK) Limited

“PAED consists of 2 main categories - Design and Engineering. Via the program, learning much knowledge in engineering field while, at the same time, developing creativity made me to think out of boundary in a systematical and practical way. This could support my career that I could think of more options to solve problems. In addition, this wider range of knowledge allows me to have more choices for work since I could become a designer or engineer.


Through the three-year study, we were required to have industrial trainings to make mechanical parts by ourselves. We learned different special skills such as milling, etching or punching. Other than making stuff required by professors, I tried to make a plastic box for my friend. The box was made for my friend’s guinea pig as it needed a new home. The process was fun. During the process, I had to take several criteria into consideration. For example, I had to make sure that no sharp edge to hurt the pet and there was enough space under the box to allow putting hot pocket under in order to keeping warm during winter. I realized the skills I have learned from ME were practical and eventually I was so happy to see the guinea pig staying happily in the new home.


The exchange program is very useful and practical for your academic and professional development such as developing your analytical skills, problem solving skills and language proficiency.”


2011, BEng (Hons) Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Assistant Engineer, Raymond Industrial Limited

“ME’s Program provided me an overview for product manufacturing and it’s very helpful for me to step-in different projects with views as a whole, for example, in tooling design and quality management etc…

I have participated a design competition for elderly product in which our group have designed a toilet-aided bottom cleaner to assist elderly to clean their bottom after toilet. It is a valuable experience to me present our product in a public setting and also explored another great idea from different area.”

AU-YEUNG Chi Ting Gigi
2010, BEng (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design

Project Office, Ph.D. Candidate, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“The integrated curriculum of PAED was truly multi-disciplinary and well-balanced which helped me to develop broad knowledge and skills in product design and development; at the same time trained me as a well-organized and pragmatic individual. I have also had the privileges to experience professional competitions and international conferences that exposed me to the academic environment where I am working in at the moment. I find myself being competitive in synthesizing information from different disciplines, communicating ideas effectively and enabling application-oriented researches.

Spending one exchange semester in Ireland and joining overseas academic visits had opened my eyes and grown me both academically and mentally. Other student activities like local industrials visits, mentorship dinner and gatherings enriched very much my university life and made my batch a really united and bright one with lots of talents and great minds!

My heartfelt thanks to ME for providing me such a fruitful and colorful three-year nurturing. I am always grateful to the Department of ME for their inspiration and recognition.

As for current junior fellow students, I believe that one’s attitude towards acquirement of knowledge is essential. It is not just about sitting exams, but being self-motivated to explore and strive for improvement and betterment. Make the best out of your time in ME and have yourself no regret!”

CHAN Man Chi Samuel
2010, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Engineer Trainee, J. Roger Preston Limited

“Language skill, engineering management and technical knowledge taught during my study in ME is most useful in my current job.

Also, I remember the UK study tour organized by the Department in 2008 broadens my horizons.”

WU Kun
2010, Master of Science

Customer Service Engineer, ASM Pacific Technology Ltd

“The time in PolyU ME is the most important one in my life. The different study styles open my mind and improve me a lot in the study skills.

The mixture of joy, tight schedule, time management, pressure management in the time studying in ME makes the most useful skills for my career.”

KUNG Wai Ming
2009, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Engineer, The Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd.

“The final year project is the most useful component in my ME Study. It encouraged team work and enhanced my presentation / writing skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking ability and research skills. It involved multi-disciplinary knowledge, including the subjects that I have never touched before. It also contained laboratory design, implementation, data analysis and Matlab programming.

The ME degree programme offered by PolyU is one of the best ME programmes in Hong Kong. It emphasizes on both theoretical and practical aspects in modern mechanical engineering. It offers unique opportunity for students who wish to develop their career in aviation field. The teaching staff members here are experienced in teaching and research. The laboratory facilities are all-round and advanced.”

XU Jia
2009, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Engineer, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL)

“The courses set for Msc scheme are very practical. The knowledge is diversified into different fields: design, manufacture, programming management, etc. And, all the teachers are always encouraging students to be creative, which can make us be adaptable in different working environment. Also, the group projects make us enhance our ability to communicate efficiently, understand other people feeling, can cooperate with each others and be a good leader.

Cherish the chance of studying in ME. Don’t let go every opportunity to learn what you want to learn”

2008, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Engineer II - Rolling Stock, MTR Corporation Limited

  "I am currently working in MTR Corporation Limited as Engineer II - Rolling Stock. My team is in-charged to prepare the particular specifications of rolling stock, engineering vehicles and depot equipment for new extension lines in Hong Kong. We also do the check and balance to ensure quality delivery of projects.

I have to conduct various of feasibility technical studies on various topics so that a better design can be specified in the PS. My ability to conduct comprehensive analysis was equipped via projects and industrial training in my ME study. Also, the course provided me a good foundation of engineering sense to give fair judgement in technical assessments."

LAI Kok Hang
2007, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Assistant Engineer, Ove Arup and Partners (HK) Limited

“The fundamental principles in various subjects taught during my undergraduate studies are very useful towards my career development.

I have trained up myself the mind-set and discussion skills such as ways to cooperate and when to compromise during project-based assignments.”

LAU Ka Lun
2007, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Technical Services Engineer, Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL)

“I am currently working in Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL)as a Technical Services Engineer. My daily job is to provide technical solution to workshop, and also to investigate the root cause while there is engine failure like fan blade release, oil leakage.. to ensure the engine can be overhaul and then send back to customer on time with good quality.

During my ME study, I have learnt ‘how to find the answer’ – problem solving skill. This is impossible for me to know everything especially in my work place, so this is very important and helpful to have such skill on my career development.”

CHIU Ka Lok Kevin
2006, BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

Line Maintenance Engineer, Cathay Pacific Airways

“The extensive courses in mechanical, electrical material, thermodynamics, aviation system & IC (industrial centre) training during studies at ME give me a solid theoretical foundation to cope with everyday challenges.

The wide variety of visits (both local and overseas arranged by the Department) throughout the 3 years needless to say, opened our horizons, telling us “What’s the rest of the world is doing”.  It also brings different industries to our eyes, so we know exactly what we WILL be doing even before we applied the job.

Without a doubt, the time at ME was very enjoyable, especially when you can applied what you have learnt from books into reality.”