The 6th PolyU Mechanical Engineering Research Presentation Competition was successfully held at the Lecture Theatre in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, PolyU, on 19 Nov 2020.  It is an annual event for research students to display their research project results and share knowledge with the PolyU community.

This year, it was an unprecedented period to organize the event. Considering the social distancing measures on COVID-19, the function was confined to the competition participants and the department staff.  It was not open to others.  Instead of voting for the competition based on popularity, we formed a panel of judges by ME academic staff.  Twenty-three research student participants each delivered a high-impact brief presentation within 3-minute. With their professional and animated presentation materials, most of the participants demonstrated good academic pitching skills.  The panel of judges was impressed by the performance of the participants this year.

After the oral presentations, participants interacted with the panel individually in the research posters exhibition. Displayed posters not only highlighted their research project results, but it was also an occasion for participants to convey their ideas, communicate with professionals, and let their talents be known.

Congratulations to their fabulous presentations and excellent research work!

Student: Miss FANG Jieyichen
Supervisor: Dr JIAO Zengbao
Title: Stability of precipitation strengthened high-entropy alloys at intermediate temperatures

Student: Mr SHI Xingyi
Supervisor: Dr AN Liang
Title: Energizing Fuel Cells with an Electrically Rechargeable Liquid Fuel

2nd Runner-Up
Student: Mr ZHAO Qingxiang
Supervisor: Dr Henry CHU
Title: A Soft Pipe-Climbing Robot

Student: Mr ARIF Muhammad Irsalan
Supervisor: Dr Randolph LEUNG
Title: Study of Passive Methods for Airfoil Tonal Noise Reduction using Fluid-Structure Interactions

Student: Mr WEN Weisong
Supervisor: Prof. WEN Chih-Yung
Title: 3D LiDAR Aided GNSS and Its Tightly Coupled Integration with INS Via Factor Graph Optimization

Student: Mr ZHOU Pengyu
Supervisor: Prof. SU Zhongqing
Title: An inkjet-printed, flexible, ultra-broadband nanocomposite film sensor for ultrasonics-based health monitoring

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