The paper entitled “Recent advances in fuel cells based propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles” collaborated by Prof. Chih-Yung Wen and Dr Liang An was awarded the 2019 Highly Cited Review Paper of Applied Energy, which is a peer-reviewed academic journal with an impact factor of 8.848 and a ranking of 6/143 (Top 3.8%) in “Engineering, Chemical” Subject Category in 2019 JCR Science Edition. This work provides a general description of the working principle of fuel cells and the category of unmanned aerial vehicles, introduces two types of propulsion systems that involve fuel cells, i.e., pure fuel cell system and hybrid system, describes the design methods and simulation cases, as well as summarizes the practical flight tests. Mr Zhefei Pan, a PhD student in the Department supervised by Dr An and Prof. Wen, is the first author.

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The selection criterion for this award is based on the data source of Scopus, which is Elsevier’s abstract and citation database of peer-review literature, covering 50 million documents published in over 21,000 journals, book series and conference proceedings by some 5,000 publishers. The selection is limited to articles published in Applied Energy between 2018-2019. The most highly cited 30 research papers and 20 reviews published in respectively 2018 and 2019 have been selected (measured as total cites by 20th August 2020). The awards will be presented during the ICAE 2020 conference.